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Chemical attacks (reloaded)

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So now I am mostly over the top with the muscle issue. My walking isn’t smooth and hope this will improve. Since April I am mostly painless and could start running again – in small steps of course. Looking back this means from the moment of the last major chemical attack; I was in full body pain for 17 months, had to stop running 9 months after being hit, and could not run at all for 10 months. So now 20 month later I feel first time since that I have a chance to rebuild my muscle strength – if #PetHus stops fucking around with my health. But only “IF” he stops.

From April till now (end of August) I was able to do some fairly regular runs with around 30-60 km per weeks. But now I have to rest due to a pulmonary issue that recently got to an aggravated level. In fact it was so severe that I needed medical help. The diagnosis: “Sinusitis with beginner stage of bronchitis”. That’s pretty severe. Then when I am not careful now this could get permanent and then I would not be able to at all worst to come. So, let me explain how that came about.

| Locating the source

That pulmonary issue started in the first week of May. I remember well as it was during the coronation of the new King Rama X of Thailand. I started getting a running nose with cough. First it was just a little scratchy in my throat. But over weeks it got worse and worse. Even my clients questioned why I was not able to contain the coughing. Four weeks later I found it strange that, despite I took care of the situation it has not gone away but instead increased. It forced me looking a little deeper to find out the reason.

One factor to consider is my extended life long experiences in successfully taking care of myself. If you are never sick, if you can handle small colds quickly by yourself and it last just 1 or 2 days and have done so for over 50 years successfully – why doesn’t it work right now? The weather at that time was a hot period and despite sitting in an Air-Conditioned room, I never expose myself directly to any form of “direct” airflow. So why am I getting a sore throat that refuses to go away? In contrary it develops into a bigger bronchial infection!

I noticed another aspect; it always subsided towards the end of the week just to increased again at the beginning of the week. That is a good narrowing down. So I’m looking at my program around the beginning of the week. On Monday morning I’m at home (no AC), then head to my rehab and strength workout (gym has AC but I cover myself), in the afternoon in the city and in the evening I’m waiting to meet my client for a 2 hrs session (AC in building). On Tuesday I do work at home (no AC during the days) and go for running. That give us 2 locations I have to look at in more details.

The gym, my rehab place. I’m there since September 2018. And never ever anything happened. There are plenty of other people around tending to their sport activities. They all do fine, except me (since early May).

The client Condo, later on Monday afternoon I’m heading to my client’s home. He lives in a condo building that has a spacy reception hall. Their I’m waiting until our working time starts. This is a regular proceeding for the past 18 months (early 2018) and never have I gotten sick or gotten unwell while being there. The traffic at the time I’m there is moderate. Residence come from work and quickly move to their condo without staying downstairs.

The program of those two days looks really simple. So, any external changes, even minor one can be spotted instantly. That doesn’t mean you now have to consider every change – even minor one – to be suspicious. But it was in that first week of May 2019 where a male person caught my attention. No, not because he was handsome or in any way attractive, but he came out from nowhere, sat in the lobby and frequently occupied the toilet for a longer period of time during the duration I was there. And just when I needed to get ready myself before the start of my session thus the bathroom was blocked. This went on until end of June 2019. And it was during that period, where I started dealing with the running nose and strong coughing. Only then I suspected that this person’s presence must have something to do with my current issue I started changing my habit to minimize my waiting time before the sessions. And it was from that moment where my situation started to calm down. Remember, I’m a burned child and forcibly had to pay attention what surrounds me.

| Analyze this

I know what you all gona say now, this is just a coincidence. Sorry don’t buy such simple reflections. But I agree, when we look at this matter very isolated it is rather difficult to prove anything. But the bigger picture tells otherwise. Still there are inconsistencies that needs explanations. Anyone dare to try?

Here we go;
-- why am I getting a sinusitis that just refuses to go away (already for 4 months)?

-- why am I getting a bronchial infection out of nowhere?

-- why am I getting a sinusitis in the first place? Me, a person who is never sick for the past several decades?

-- what is the correlation between this person appearing in the Lobby coming from nowhere and the start of the sinusitis? NOTE; I don’t believe in coincidences.

-- looking isolated to this matter it could be considered “just another cold catching”. Looking at the bigger picture raises the question why this happen right when I recovered from the worst chemical attack and started running again?

| My take is this

#PetHus has done pretty much to destroy my life, finances, work, relationships, social and business networks, social media, health and my running ability. He wanted me dead. He was unable to achieve this – his ultimate goal. But he was very successful in making it the hardest possible way for me to live a normal life. The chemical attacks have been disastrous to the point that I will never fully recover again. And I’m not even talking of the social and financial consequences for my future. Alone the fact that I can do some running again is a defeat for #PetHus and his gangs despite I am struggling.

Looking at the bigger picture, this sinusitis and the close slither past a severe bronchitis Infection (that could stay permanent) is just another attempt to stop me – at least to make it *ucking harder to recover and harder to run again.

What’s next #PetHus – what’s up your sleeves?

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