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James Bond 007 and Agatha Christie is way to boring to read and it's just a story - this here is real and you can't make such shit up.
NOTE, this is only the part of my Bio that relates to the chemical attacks.
FOR THE RECORD; I was never working for my government or any other governments - political and/or security wise except doing a couple of civil services in my country (instead the compulsory army time). Also I must make mention of that I am not a wanted person, nor a fugitive, have not committed any crimes that could/would/should trigger a warrant.

I am a damn ordinary citizen!

By the end of 2019 it is exactly 30 years I am exposed to a personal vendetta and attacks ranging from vicious Harassments, Bullying, Character Assassination by #PetHus a higher ranking state employee of my government. After destroying my business and social network he went on to destroy my finances (with around 1 million US$ losses and the loss of my business) and making sure I could not generate ends meet and recover. As #PetHus was incapable reaching his ultimate goal of total destruction, he then resorted to chemical attacks (what we know by now starting back in 2016) that resulted me being almost killed (2x in 2017 the year of my 65th birthday) and almost paralysed in 2018. Every time I recovered he added even more vicious forms that destroyed my life and health further, and last but not least took away my ability to #run. This is the current pinnacle of his destructive path.
Today (August 2019) I could recover from most pain but I am left with physical impairments that most likely will stay with me for the remaining time of my life.
That story is not over. Despite I live in exile since 1994, I am still in danger of facing the ultimate "coup de grace" no matter where I go. #PetHus seems determined.
I hope to find peace and time to write my book.


I used to run easily 80-140 km per week on a regular basis for over 30 years, never had pain, injury or an accident, my recovery was formidable, my muscles solid and strong down to the deep layers, no climate condition impaired my running ability, My cardiovascular and hydration ability was awesome. As I hydrated well before and after, I could go out with little water and survive.
But now, after 4 years (as we know today) of constant chemical attacks were at least two of them had an optimal destructive impact on my life, health and running ability. I was 17 months under a full body pain and could not run for nearly 10 months. Now that I can do some little running and rebuild my ability, I am still left with physical issues that still could not be properly addressed due to lack of funds and expertise. It's well possible that this will remain on me for the remaining time of my life.
Through those chemical attacks my country has taken my freedom of life, it has taken my ability to run as I used to, it has destroyed my health and finances. I'm at a point where I can't any more determine the path and outcome of my life. But make no mistake, I am determined to stay alive so I can tell this story. People in general are close to my heart but I care a lot for the safety and strong health of any runner. I do not want that anyone must experience such an ordeal of life. If this form of attacks get normalized - alas NO HUMAN will be safe any more - No One, once you know the details! Trust me on this. I will tell you why!


When I speak with others about my struggle it is easily dismissed as; well you are now old - accept it, you have run too much, you are over-trained. Many also silently think; "what crook is this guy", and others think of that I was involved in state security matters. Non of it is true.
The truth is, that my country is searching ways how to disrupt, damage, or even worse terminate a persons life "without leaving a provable trace" - without the ability to prove that something or someone has interfered with chemicals like in my case. In other words I lack the so called Hard Evidences! Well if I would have them, don't you think #PetHus would have done a really lousy job?
Because those Hard Evidences are missing, the only way to go is to prove "all arguments are wrong" - I have to debunk them one-by-one by myself. Further I have to go through regular medical tests that provide solid evidences of irregularities at one or the other point. But most important is that I have to work myself constantly to get better again, shed the pain, rebuild strength, and run again - and hopefully of course reaching the same level as I used to. That all combined is the sort of "hard evidences" I have to build to prove something was completely out of the normal. By now I have already a lot of those evidences collected and they already now show that something "was that should not supposed to be".
During all those months I tried to figure out what sort of chemical was used to poison me. And the only references I could rely on was "the effects of the chemicals on my physical performance once I was exposed to it. So here an idea - please read that part carefully; "in pharma research where drugs are tested we have today the following options (I'm sure its not 100% accurate). First comes lab tests (computerised models and cells), then animal tests, pre-clinical tests, clinical tests (volunteering humans), large-scale human trials".

But there is also a test called "microdosing" that is applied to Human Volunteers. Let me quote:
"A method called “microdosing” can provide vital information on the safety of an experimental drug and how it is metabolized in humans prior to large-scale human trials. Volunteers are given an extremely small one-time drug dose, and sophisticated imaging techniques are used to monitor how the drug behaves in the body. Microdosing can replace certain tests on animals and help screen out drug compounds that won’t work in humans so that they won’t needlessly advance to government-required animal testing.
Advanced brain imaging and recording techniques—such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)—with human volunteers can be used to replace archaic experiments in which rats, cats, and monkeys have their brains damaged. These modern techniques allow the human brain to be safely studied down to the level of a single neuron (as in the case of intracranial electroencephalography), and researchers can even temporarily and reversibly induce brain disorders using transcranial magnetic stimulation."

This is extended with special created drugs (not on sale of course) that are creating the specific illness that a test drug needs to handle. Lets take my case; a drug that is damaging blood cells (or call it "aging the blood cells") was mixed with my drinking water in my camelbak (2017) that I involuntarily consumed over 3 days with a volume of 10 litres. That same drug (or maybe something different was released in my environment (early 2017) - that one nearly killed me, put in food and drinks (2016). As long as I could run that drug had caused limited damage. It was only when I had to stop running by the end of August 2018 where the muscle deterioration accelerated. Within 3 months my muscles looked like I would never have run and 50 years of constant and diligent muscle building was destroyed. Muscles strength have decreased between 50% and 90% depending on the body part. And when you touched the muscle it felt like jelly.


Would I now reveal this country by name, I would be instantly blocked, shadowbanned, beboosted or even deplatformed on many msSM. My country has made agreements with FB, Twitter, Reddit and the like to "police their platform to weed out bad content. But, they also weed out "negative postings related to my country!"
That sort of access gives them full power to do anything no matter how unpleasant the result is for a user.
There is a small chance to minimize this. I need to have a lot of followers. That still does not solve the problem but does minimize it as too many would wonder when they notice they don't hear from me any more.
So please spread the news and follow me.


If you want to experience the full picture of this story, you must follow my Telegram channel @YADfiles (for the purpose of being quickly notified of drastic changes and breaking news) and read my other mainstream (msSM) and alternative (aSM) Social Media. It will all be there. The advantage with Telegram is, that I most likely will not so easily being banned and/or deplatformed. Anything I post anywhere will also be posted on this Telegram Channel @YADfiles.

If you want to know how to stay alive in such a brutal environment, when after 30 years all your finances where crippled, social and business Network dismantled, your life trashed, fake friends planted into your life (for the purpose of getting quicker feedbacks of my next steps), when you are left alone and isolated and the perpetrator (#PetHus) still continuous his destructive path "and you are still alive" - that means something. That speaks for my ability! Follow me here and stay connected. I am sure I can teach you a thing or two how to survive hell.

Bellow is the list of "mainstream Social Medias" (msSM) and "alternative Social Media" (aSM). @YADfiles is my handle on all of them.
See and read you there.


The only way to speak to me in private is through those two media
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I try as good as possible to make this scandalous criminal matter public. I have to be cautious for obvious reasons. Besides of all that stress, I also have go 3x a week to my Rehab (that consumes the majority of my times) and do my ordinary work. So I just ask for patience and understanding.
Follow me! Thanks and read you again.

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