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Paranoia could be a good thing


Right now, it is better to be paranoid to survive! ~Andrew Grove~

That was said not in this context of viral pandemic but I guess is very much vital nowadays.

At the onset of the COVID-19, my overseas-worker friend in Wuhan China had a choice to come home to the Philippines via the repatriation operation of the government. But she opted to stay. I asked her why. With a teary eye, she said because she loves her family. Although she doesn't have the virus, she acts as if she have it and is afraid she might pass it to her loved ones here.

She said that that was the mindset they have there. She further said that we should have the same mindset to successfully fight this invisible enemy. 

Plus, she smirked at saying that if her neighbors might learn she is from Wuhan, God knows what rumors they might spread against her. 

It was a heroic decision, and a pragmatic one.

She sent me a video of masked health workers marching, waving flags of victory that finally after 50-plus days those frontliners were to go back to their homes.

She sent me another video of her finally feeling the sun burn her cheeks, see the blue clouds, and feel the earth. She was close to tears in that video.

So yes, that paranoid approach on this pandemic got them their victory over it. And I hope people in the country would have the same approach.


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