On moving on.

I used to be intrigued at why ambulance cars have its name printed backwards. That was answered when my Dad first let me get behind the wheels. He told me to use the intelligently-designed mirrors -- the side mirrors and the rearview mirror. He furthered that I do not need to look back and stretch my neck just to see what is behind me.

While driving, there was a siren coming from behind. I looked at the rearview mirror - I read, AMBULANCE! How genius, I was able to read it clearly without being puzzled.

It pays to look at the rearview mirror, though sometimes not.

However, I heard of the saying: "It is hard to drive forward looking in the rear view mirror". Well, it seems close to impossible trying to drive a car forward while looking at the rearview mirror, isn’t it? It can spell danger.

That particular saying is an analogy for the troubles we face today while dwelling with events from yesterday. Unfortunately, we mostly try to live each day as well as we can while carrying the psychological burden of things that have happened to us in our past. We tend to dwell on the past and that isn’t too good.

So, move on.


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07.09.2019 14:03

Thanks for the update. My first post after months of hibernation. ;)

07.09.2019 14:21

Well said @yadah04. 😊 It's a great life's lessons. 😊

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