Day 1 of 366

Today starts the first day of the year. Others say it is start of a new decade, though some object to that. Both answers are right depending on who are you asking on whether the year 2020 is the start of a new decade or not. But for a detailed explanation, just click this link.

Anyway, mom and dad visited our place and since we were busy cleaning when they arrived, they decided to join in. Dad cleaned the garden, trimmed the plants. Husband is responsible for cleaning up the lawn and putting the what-nots in a garbage bag.

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Mom helped my little one re-arrange her room. She also decided to remove any unused clothes or outgrown clothes sitting on her closet to make space.

I also did the same. I read somewhere that when a clothing isn't worn within six months, it is time to let go. Funny there is that rationale inside my head saying that i should save this particular dress because "someday" this would fit me. But it has been sitting on my closet for almost a year already and the dress is about 2 sizes smaller on what i currently wear. That "someday" seems farfetched. So the dress must go.

I was glad that we finished all the work half of the day. Hubby prepared lunch and after some chitchats and taking a nap, we had some snack before continuing with the remaining work. Mom apparently wanted to re-arrange our living room and kitchen, to which we were thankful for. Sadly though, we left them at home doing all the work. That is because we ran an errand for my sister-in-law.

When we came home, we were surprised and amazed at the transformation of our living room and kitchen. It was as if we entered an entirely different house.

So there, day one of 2020. What about you, how was your first day of the year go?




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