CurioInvest: Making the Business of Collectables More Appealing


The luxurious nature of classic cars appears to have permeated the business of selling them as sellers have to spend outrageous sums to acquire the vehicles before selling them at a profit. Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial willpower for such, so they keep planning to break in until the reality dawns on them.

When investing in the classic car trade, maintenance of the vehicle is one aspect of the business which could affect its value. Topnotch maintenance facility and best practices are nonnegotiable, but these require a substantial sum of money. It would usually dissuade those investors looking to go into business from moving forward with it.

The collectable cars trade is fenestrated by intermediaries…all seeking their own interest with the investor extorted under different forms. With such a situation, profit would always nosedive, which could force the entrepreneur out of the market in no time.

Blockchain has become the go-to technology for many businesses looking to provide a digital outlet for their business, and that’s what CurioInvest looks to achieve with its platform. While the outfit currently has well-defined footprints in the collectable cars business, the need to bring in more investors than the current setup allows couldn’t be ignored.

CurioInvest want to do a lot which could change how the classic cars trade operates. The platform intends to provide the opportunity for investors without the large sums needed to purchase these vehicles to team-up with others and make that purchase. Unfortunately, it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis as these limited edition cars are not always available for sale and when they do, investors are expected to put in their widow’s mirth and are issued with tokens as confirmation of their contributions.

The waiting period before the vehicle is sold could be tough, especially if you are new to the game. Fortunately, CurioInvest is no greenhorn as the company already has an established enterprise that is currently doing exceedingly well in the tough market, and they have their facility to ensure the vehicle is in the right condition to warrant the sum every investor that contributed would love.

By digitizing the collectable car trade, CurioInvest has successfully cut short the number of middlemen involved which automatically reduces the transaction cost associated with each trade. While this is a welcome development, the platform intends to maximize this to its advantage. I fee its 20% performance fee after cost deductions is on the high side. Also, CurioInvest isn’t restricting its gains to this performance fee as there are other ways the platform intends to make some good money from everyone. However, I do want to cut the platform some slack as it appears to have tidied every legal loose end with its legit entities in European countries.

Final Thoughts
I like that CurioInvest has done its difficult homework with the understanding of the challenges investors face and its strategies towards remedying the situation. But I am not a big fan of its numerous charges. The 5% finder’s fee is fair enough, but its whopping 20% performance fee feels a tad high in my opinion. Conveniently, the investors have the final say on whether the platform is business friendly or just another middleman looking to make a killing without a care as to who’s ox is gored

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