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The is a website/platform where you can evaluate your steem account. It's core purpose is to facilitate proper management of a steem user's account. With this tool in place a user on the steemit platform can analyze and hence evaluate the information concerning his account. There's alot that you can do with the platform, as i go through some of the tools, i hope you can get a lot of benefits from this post.
We will be going into some of the list of items that we would be touching as we navigate through the site, they include:

This section exhibits the corresponding values in dollars of the different voting percentages recorded. It is essential to note that your vote amount depends on how much steem power you have in your account. Since i'm new on this platform my vote value is $0.00. However as time goes on with much activities going on in my account my voting percentage can increase with it's corresponding $value.

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This tab shows your account operations for a given time period. At the top of the bar includes the feed, communities and wallet. Also at the left section is the filter, which helps to filter out activities on your account.

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POSTThis section displays the post you have done. It has the active post, which are post dropped recently and finished post, which are post that are past the time frame for the post to be active. It shows the number of posts made and the Author rewards corresponding to such post.

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There are some many other tool on the platform just at the end of the display interface which you can navigate and engage to get the maximum benefits of this platform. They include witness overview, block explorer, key generator, proxy info to mention but a few.

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These are some of the few features i found out on this platform. I hope you enjoyed every bit of it, but don't just stop there, do more by accessing every single tool to find out it's uses and how you can harness it. Thank you for your time.


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