Achievement 3 |content etiquette| @yachi1

This is when someone else's work or ideas are taken as your own, with or without the person's consent,by incorporating it into your own work, without full acknowledgement.which is stealing by trick's

Direct plagiarism
This is a word for word transcription of a section of someone else's work, without regarding and without quotation marks.

Self plagiarism
This Occurs when someone submit his or her previous work.or mixes part of the previous work, without taking permission from all the people involved or professor.example self plagiarism applies to submitting text or assignment into a different class without

Mosaic plagiarism
This Occurs when someone borrows phrase from a source without using quotation marks,or find synonyms for the writer or author's language while keeping the same structure and meaning of the original.sometimes called "patch writing"this kind of paraphrasing is either international or not. It academically dishonesty and punishable

Accidental plagiarism
This Occurs when a person neglect to cite their source,or misquotes their source or unintentionally paraphrase a source by using similar words or group of words, without sentence structure attribution.cases of accidental plagiarism is taken seriously as other plagiarism and subject to the same range of consequences,as other types of

Say no to plagiarism

"I have read and understood the steemit etiquette on steemit community and will do my best to embrace them".


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