Achievement 2@yachi1 mentor by@cryptokannon :basic security on steem

I have retrieve all my keys and password and downloaded them and also printed it and kept it in a good file we're it safe for me

We have deferent types of keys and their functions

1: master password

2: owner key

3: active key

4: posting key

5: memo key

MASTER KEY: To my understanding this key is use for all controls,it should never be joked with it a password that means so much to your account ,it controls the account itself and have access to other keys,so if it stolen your account is gone,

OWNER KEY:this is a very powerful key that is use to change details in your account and gives you access in recovering account.
It still a key that means alot to your account and doesn't need to be seen by others.
key-3348307_1920.jpgit shows how safe it needs to be.source

ACTIVE KEY:I believe this key helps you in converting your steem dollars into your currencies,it also help in transferring funds or steem dollars to other friends or account,it help in voting into people's post it help to update your profile it most be in a safe condition.
key-2114046_1920.jpg source

POSTING KEY:to my understanding posting key is use to access all functions consigning posting of pictures, voting on people's post,resteem and follow people,and it very important to be logging into your account with your posting key password because it allows you to see so many things on your profile,how your post is going and also allows you to edit your post and profile.
key-96233_1920.jpg source

MEMO KEY:this key is used for conceal information into code or cipher and also converting code into messages or plan text and also used to transfer funds into encrypt memo.
hacker-1944688_1280.jpg source

I plan to keep my master password safe and very secure because it holds many access.

Logging into steem with my active password gives me access to transfer funds or token's into other account or friends account.

The active key gives you access to powering up and down of your account and transaction

Thanks to every member of this community I happy to be in this program@mentor

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