Achievement 1-verification through introduction


Hi I'm yakubu from nigeria. And I reside in abia State. I'm so happy to be among this steemit platform,being a member of this wonderful steem community makes me happy. I love the fact that this community was created to help new steemians to have direction on this platform, I was born on 5, December 1997. I love playing football, singing dancing,and drawing




This are my family. My dad my mom and my younger ones,we are four in number,I'm the second,a girl came first,we love each other and praying for God uplifting, my mom and dad are doing well.



I'm a type that likes hanging out with friends, most times going for games, playing ball or hanging in a comfortable area or eaterie were I am my friends can spend good time.


I'm working in a construction company here in is the kind of work I do,I'm a lab technician trying to be great in life, with God we are moving gradually.

I have interest in the network marketing industry,the crypto currencies and block chain. I'm interested in what gives real money,

I have finished my secondary school successfully and planning on going further.i believing joining this community platform will bring achievement to my life,I want to say a big Thank you @hardcorecrypto for advertising this site. I pray to make good content and also be of good relationship with the members of this community So I can grow on this platform.

I'm using this opportunity to say a big thank you to my friend who introduced me to this steemit @theopportunist

Please always pass on my post to give me your support in this community,so we can grow together as one family.
Thank you


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15.04.2021 04:12

I'm glad you replied to my post, thanks for being with you and having your support on this steem.

15.04.2021 06:40