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My Actifit Report Card: July 4 2019

Lavandula variegata - Variegated Lavendar

1st day of plant sale HUGE success, and although i had troubles detaching emotionally from my 'babies' it was made easier by seeing that the enthusiasts that were purchasing them would be giving them good homes. I remembered so much of myself and where i was emotionally/spiritually when i created these pieces. I would tell people about their care' watering needs and preferred exposure and clearly memories played about their life beginning as a cutting or a seed under my care.
It gladdens my heart that so many people also seem to appreciate what i first saw in the plant to the point of continuing the care needed to ensure the plant thrives.
I owe such a big thanks to my very good friend @marianneewest for helping me ensure the prepwork and staging for the event to be so successful. ❤🤗❤

Daily Activity, Gardening, Walking

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