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Let Them Eat Cake

let them eat cake.png


I am currently working on designs for t-shirts. One idea I have is to put faces of celebrities on to bodies of historical figures. This is my first example. It is not complete but close enough to share. ( There's a few lines and shadows needing to be fixed.) It has been brought to my attention that if I do this I risk having lawsuits brought against me by celebrities. I am not sure if my art would be considered as a copyright strike.

Do you know if I could legally sell shirts with pictures such as my Marie Antionette Rihanna mix? She is a queen... I would greatly appreciate any advice you may have or if you have some suggestions on how I could change it so I can not get sued. Thank you guys in advance! I know my steemers will have answers!

....The boobs are being fixed.. This is just an example of some of the art I have created...

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