Where is time really flying to?

We already In the end of the 7th month of the year year.

Where is time really rushing to? I really feel that the time has been flying. Maybe it is because i enjoy what I am doing, that is why I think that time is moving fast.

I believe that if people are enjoying what they are doing, time will look like it is moving fast for them. Though some people think that it is the opposite.

But as for me I think that if you enjoy what you are doing, time will be moving very fast for you.

So with this been said, I want to congratulate you reading, on reaching the end of this month. And to wish you a happy new month that starts next tomorrow.


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The day after tomorrow. :)

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30.07.2019 07:42


30.07.2019 08:02

The new month, August, will only begin the day after tomorrow. It is July 30 today. Tomorrow is July 31. August 1 is the day after that. I sometimes forget, too.

30.07.2019 08:05

Oh. You are correct @markkujantunen. I miscalculated.

30.07.2019 09:55

before you know it we will be almost new year, you are right it seems to have gone by really fast!

30.07.2019 08:46

Yeah. I just hope that I can accomplish something before the year ends.

30.07.2019 09:56

Yeah. I just hope that
I can accomplish something
Before the year ends.

                 - yaanivapeji

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30.07.2019 09:56