What do you regularly post with steemit?

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When I arrived steemit June 2017, I have been using steemit.com post. At the early of of my been here, there was no other posting site except steemit.com.

But after a while I noticed a new site called busy.org, but I still went on posting on steemit.com because I was comfortable with it.

This lasted for close 6mnths after I knew about busy.org. But one day I decided to try busy. org and I liked it and since then I have been using busy.org. It even gives you a cool upvote, which steemit.com doesn't give, so this also has made me enjoy using busy.org.

So what about you, what do you regularly post with on steemit? I know that there are other posting sites apart from steemit.com and busy.org.


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