We are the same specie with our cousins


I saw this photo on a facebook page. I did not understand what point it was trying to make.

What point do you think the photo was trying to make?


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Well that's a good question. Some people are not believing in evolution and are asking this:
"If men evolved from apes, why are there still apes in the world?"

The answer is that we both evolved from a species which lived millions of years ago, but we were divided as separate species. I could try to explain this with an example with humans, as you mentioned the cousins.

Mary is a woman, who has two children. Mike and Bill.
Mike and Bill both find wives, get married and they have children.
Mike has a daughter called Eve, Bill has a daughter named Suzy.

Both Eve and Suzy have the same grandmother.

This is basically the same with humans and apes, however the ancestry is from grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand..(lots of grands here)......grand-parents, from over a million years back.

26.07.2019 11:57

Haha haha!! I don't quite agree with this since scientist have not been able to really say how we evolved.

26.07.2019 18:35

Well they have good enough proof to show it did happen, so I have no reason to doubt it :)

27.07.2019 04:44

Can you show me the prove?

27.07.2019 09:01