This is why I still prefer entrepreneurship.


This is the order of the day in my country Nigeria. With all the jumbo pay that they collect, they still look for how to take something out of the little money they are giving worker.

At least with owning your own business, they can't easily and directly take anything from you.

How is it in your country. Is it similar to this?


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Entrepreneurship is the only way you can survive here in Nigeria check the salary of a senior staff in Nigeria and check that of normal business man or even a farmer get more money than them .the only benefit they get is that pension that is now a scam .

07.08.2019 09:25

The pension is now a scam? 😨

07.08.2019 19:59

Yes, check some states how they Pat their pensioners you will cry .

08.08.2019 11:08