Thanks to parents and particularly mothers.


I saw this photo from a post that @gloriouskids made and it brought back memories of how my young brother had a hot water accident in just this manner in the picture.

When he was young, I think around three years old, he came into the kitchen to meet my mother and my mother didn't even know. It was when she heard the plastic that she put hot water in, that she realized that my brother was in the kitchen.

Apparently, he was trying to reach for the plastic, but his hand could barely reach the plastic, but that small contact he was able to have with the plastic made the plastic to trip off and the hot water in it poured on him.

But luckily enough for him, it didn't touch his face, it just affected the hand and the injury was serious back then. But luckily for him it healed and the scar is not too serious.

So I really want to appreciate parents, especially mothers who were able to bring up their children protecting them from such hazards because they are the once that spend more time with children and in the kitchen..


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07.07.2019 20:01