On Jeffery Epstein death.

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I am sure many of us across the world know who Jeffery Epstein is. He was the American billionaire who was recently convicted of child sex trafficking.

He was sent to jail and in jail news came out that he tried to commit suicide. Conspiracy theorists came out to say that some powerful people where trying to silence him because they where involved in this sex trafficking that he was convicted on.

So how hearing that he finally committed suicide, makes me suspicious of the whole thing. Even though as far as am concerned, the crime he was convicted of was very terrible, I still think that there is foul play in his death.

But now that he is dead, the truth cannot come out I guess. This is the life we find ourselves in.


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This is why humans having authority over other humans is dangerous. Cryptographically secure decentralized protocols are the best way to keep people in line, not putting other humans in position of authority over them.

12.08.2019 07:07

Yeah, am starting to agree with this.

12.08.2019 08:41