Never take eating food granted.

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Some of us take eating food for granted. We think eating food is just to feel our stomachs or satisfy our hunger.

But no, eating food actually has more functions than that. One other function of eating food is to help our reasoning capacity. Am sure many of us know this but we still take eating food for granted.

Yesterday, I was trying to gather a thought about something, but I was not able. I tried and tried, but I was still not able to gather the thoughts.

I was actually saying that, I wanted to gather the thought first before going to eating, not knowing that eating would help gather the thoughts better.

But when I went to eat, I was able to gather the thought within seconds. I was really amazed. So eating is very important because it helps you reason, and not just to satisfy your hunger.


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13.07.2019 09:42

There is a saying "You are what you eat."
It is not a shallow statement, your post captures its meaning.

There is a line of thought that we should look at "food as medicine". Our bodies are machines, the better quality (in terms of nutrients) food we eat the better our bodies work and are able to heal.

Have a great weekend!
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13.07.2019 11:46

Yah, that is true @etcmike. Thanks for stopping by.

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14.07.2019 12:52

Nobody want to live on hinger

13.07.2019 12:35


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