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My challenge with Editors #2

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When I finished writing my first book, I took it to an editor to edit for me. The problem that I had with this editor was that he was a lazy editor.

The book I want him to edit was only a 25 page book and yet it took him close to five months to edit the. It was even due to my pressure on him that made him do the work, if not he wouldn't have even finished the work.

Meanwhile, I was on my second book and I said that when I am done writing the book, I will not to this editor, but a new editor.

I finally finished writing the book and I gave it to another editor to edit. The problem that I have with this one now is that he complains too much. Always telling me that I was not supposed to write in a certain way.

But I thought your duty has an editor was to correct what needed to be correct in the work.

Am really tired of editors. I think I have to learn how to edit a book by myself.


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