Mass adoption, can it really work on steem?

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Is mass adoption really possible on steemit? I see some steemians trying to promote mass adoption on steem but still talk about supporting only those with very quality content.
But I think that if we really want mass adoption on steem, then we have to do away with this thing about just supporting those with very high quality content because not everybody can be a good blogger.

In fact, I think that not up to 1% of the world's population can ever be a good blogger. So if we want mass adoption, we should not stress too on very high quality content.

What I think is very important on steem is people who have a longtime interest on steem. These are the kind of people that should be supported on steem.

Has one grows in the steem community, then their blogging can improve along the way, but to be a good blogger for millions of people cannot happen over night.


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That is sure. But one thing you must know is most people will go to things that will give them profit .most people with high level of steem power mostimes dont have good contents but because you know that if you upvote there content regularly you will stand a chance of them visiting your page one day .that is why the minnows don't normally grow on steemit.

07.08.2019 09:00

Yeah, I understand you.

07.08.2019 11:46

that's the goal so i hope it's accomplished 👍

07.08.2019 09:10

I hope so too, I guess.

07.08.2019 11:45