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Loving this newsteem curation reward system.

I think I am starting to enjoy this #newsteem curation reward system. When the hardfork 21 happened, a lot of my steem power was delegated and so I didn't really know how good the change in the curation reward system was because I didn't have my full steem power with me.

But a week or two ago I decided to un-delegate my steem power to see whether it was true that we will get double the rewards. Now after the undelegation and the rewards coming in, i can say that truely the curation rewards are double and I am enjoying it.
Has you can see from my curation rewards, I am getting above one steem power from curation rewards with the steem power I have. Before the Hf 21, I was actually getting curation rewards close to what I am getting now, but the thing is that I would have to drain down my voting power a lot more than I do now.

Before hardfork 21, for me to get a one steem power from curation rewards, I needed to drain down my voting power to around 70% ,but now I can get one steem power and can still have 90% of my voting power left for the day.

Wow!!! This is good to me, considering that these days, I only get few cents on my post, this is what is keeping me going on steem right now.


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