hf21 is around the corner. What are your feelings about it?

Yesterday, the steemit team announced that hf21 will be launched on the 27th of August. It is just around the corner.

I must say that I am very excited about the launch. Much have been said about it, good and bad.

But something that I was made to understand about it was that more rewards will come into the hands of steemians, even ordinary. I think this is a good thing because at the moment not many people are active on steemit, not just because the price is low, but because the rewards are not much.

So I think that if people start getting more rewards, they will become more active on the platform.

So with this been said, I am anxious for the hf21 to come.

What about you?

But only time will tell whether it will improve this platform or not.


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I have high hopes but low expectations. I think it will funnel earnings in the wrong direction probably and I don't like the downvote pool. I think it will be abused. But we do need to do something to get this thing going so I will wait and see.

31.07.2019 08:22

Yeah, me too, I don't like the downvote pool too. It really will be abused.

But am sure that if the reward is balanced for everyone, people will just focus on their business instead of disturbing anyone.

But we just have to wait and see.

31.07.2019 08:29

human nature means the downvotes will be abused unfortunately

31.07.2019 18:06