Facebook is not life.

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Yesterday on facebook, somebody posted something on facebook after a long time and his friend commented on it, telling him that he thought he was dead since he hasn't posted on facebook for a longtime.

So I reacted to his comment, asking him why he thought that this guy was dead because he didn't post in a longtime.

It is like some people think that facebook is life and so if somebody is not active on facebook, then the person must be dead. Facebook is not life. People who are not active on facebook have a better things to do, that is why they are not active on facebook.

He even asked me too that were have I been when I reacted to his comment because I have not been active on facebook too.

I told him that I was on a better platform called steemit and that he should come join.


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You do realise that person, if he believed you, might need psychotherapy - and you may be asked to help pay for it?


05.08.2019 06:36

Haha haha I guess.

05.08.2019 07:35

Hahaha! If @facebook catch u! I no dey O!! 😄😄

05.08.2019 08:03

Dem o fit catch me. 😁

05.08.2019 11:00