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Yaadio, Inc. raises 1M in Series A Funding


Yaadio is an Indigenous Jamaican consumer electronics startup, operating in the audio technology space. Check out our Bootstrapping article here.

Our Series A round was led by alternative investment firm Dammam Group Holdings via it’s principal investment fund.

Dammam Group Holdings is a specialist investment firm with business areas in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Oil&Gas Explorations, Trading and Real Estate. Dammam Group seeks to offer a range of alternative investment opportunities for itself, institutional and private investors.

Our investment contract here

Founded by CEO Ricardo Lee Guthrie, Yaadio is an end to end audio technology company. Yaadio is not just a headphone startup but we’re a full service audio technology company. We design, develop and manufacture (actually outsource manufacturing in China) our own line of audio technology products.

Our initial wireless headphone product The Yaadio Silento j8 Wireless Headphone is now available.1_a5NuqGRgEBavgLscV_uBlw.png

Yaadio Silento j8 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone. Pre-order today!

We will systemically leverage the customer development process. We will put future feature suggestions directly in front of our prospects for validation in the pre-development stage.

Whats next?

Continue to innovate

We will introduce a diverse range of products along the audio vertical ranging from wireless speakers, wireless earbuds, wireless headphones, sound system design and implementation. We will also introduce some cool app services to help create an innovative and culturally relevant end to end audio ecosystem.

Our marquee innovation is our own open source Audio Based Operating System (YaadiOS) So do look out for that in 2020!

The funding will enable us to accelerate the company’s growth, expand our geographic footprint and launch new products.


Closing Shall be in Dubai through our affiliate bank. We are required to commit to our wealth management banker in charge of the proposed transaction a fee of 9,800 USD during the meeting in cash as fee for notarization of the contract loan agreement document and filing/stamping or its equivalents in Emirates Dirham.

Ricardo Guthrie

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