THE DIARY GAME | Better Life With Steem | 31st March 2021 | Wednesday | 100% Power-Up

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Good Morning Steemian's,

The day was a bit irritating I woke up in the morning around 8:40 AM, I went and brush up my teeth and came back to my room and powered on my laptop, I went to the kitchen and took tea from myself because breakfast was getting ready, I came back to my room and started having tea while I was checking emails and WhatsApp messages, After checking all the emails I jumped into the meetings, After finishing up with the meeting I went and took bath made few calls to the team and then I went to the hall to have my breakfast, After completing my breakfast I Visited and started checking account notifications and posts, I checked few newcomers posts and welcomed them as well.

Good Afternoon Steemian's,

I was on a call with the team regarding the UI issue, I got a call from my client he was asking me my availability he was going to schedule a meeting with the business team, I said I will be free my 3:00 PM in the afternoon, After finishing up with the call I went to have lunch as I was feeling hunger, I completed my lunch and jumped into the meeting which was scheduled by my client, The meeting started and we had a deep discussion on the observation and their solutions, The meeting ended around 5:30 PM, I went and washed up my face and went inside the kitchen to have tea for myself, I came back to my room and was taking some rest while attending the calls from my teams.

Good Evening Steemian's,

As it was dark outside and it was time for the internal sync up meeting with my team, I got a call from @ghostfacer99 he was asking to join him, I agreed and said let me wind up with my work then I will join you, I attended the meeting and finished up by 7:00 PM, After logging out from the system I went to @ghostfacer99 house to meet his, I arrived at his home by 7:30 PM he was taking rest on the bed, We had a conversation regarding BTT it is going in a good speed, After having the conversation I came back to my house around 9:00 PM and took some rest inside my room.

My dad came to the room and asked me to have dinner because it was getting late in the night, I woke up from the bed to wash my hands and face, I had dinner with my family and went back to my room, I was laying on the bed and checking phones notifications, After some time I powered on my laptop and started writing this post, I am very excited to share the same with you all, After finishing up this post and posting in our community, I will be going to sleep so, Good Night Steemian.

🌜Good Night Sweet dreams take care Steemian's, See you all tomorrow🌛


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