THE DIARY GAME | Better Life With Steem | 26th April 2021 | Monday |

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🌞Hi Good Morning Steemians,

The day spent well I woke up around 8:00 AM in the morning, I went downstairs and washed up my face and came inside the room, I powered on my laptop and started checking emails and messages which were pending at my end, After reviewing all the emails I had my morning tea and breakfast, After completing the breakfast I joined in the meetings and started discussing the tasks which need to be fixed, After completing the meetings I was free in the afternoon so I visited and started checking account notifications and posts from the new comer's community.

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🌤 Good Afternoon Steemians,

The sun was at its peak the temperature was rasing time by time, I was sitting in my room and working on the tasks which were assigned in the morning meetings, I handled few calls from my development team and addressed them, After getting free from all the work I decided to have lunch as I was feeling hungry, I requested my mom to help me with the lunch, Around 3:00 PM I completed my lunch and I was feeling sleepy, I was sweating so I decided to take a bath, I was done with the bath around 4:00 PM in the evening.

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🌝Good Evening Steemians,

I started feeling sleepy in the evening but still, I was taking follow up from the development team, While working I went to sleep after 30 minutes I got a call from my team members so I woke up from sleep, I went and washed up my face and joined the evening sync up meetings, I was done with the meeting and the sun was set, After finishing up with the work I was free so I went to the terrace and took fresh air from it, I was there for more than 30 minutes I came downstairs and washed up my hand's and went to have my dinner, I completed my dinner with the whole family and went back to the room, I spend some time checking phones notifications and WhatsApp messages, After some time I powered on my laptop and started writing this posts, After completing this post I will be sleeping, Good Night Steemian.

🌜Good Night Sweet dreams take care Steemian's, See you all tomorrow🌛

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