THE DIARY GAME | Better Life With Steem | 25th March 2021 | Thursday | 100% Power-Up

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🌞Hi Good Morning Steemians,

The day was so confusing, I woke up around 8:50 AM morning the reason why I daily woke at the same time is because of the alarm, I woke up from the bed to brush my teeth and came back to power on my laptop as the system is turning on I went to take bath, after getting fresh I started checking emails and messages, After reverting them back I was ready to attend the meeting but before that, I have to complete my breakfast, I went to the kitchen and cook breakfast for myself and came back to the room, I started having my breakfast, after completing the breakfast I started attending the daily sync-up meetings, I winded up with all the morning meetings around 11:40 AM, I was bit free so I visited and started checking account notifications and posts.

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🌤 Good Afternoon Steemians,

I was free in the afternoon but having a meeting with the clients is so time-consuming, I was not sure that the meeting is going to happen because I haven't got any confirmation from the client, I was like should I chill or should I prepare myself for the meeting I was confused but still I thought I should go somewhere and took a spin, So I called up @ghostfacer99 and asked him his availability he said "I am free" so I took my laptop and vehicle and went to his house, We had a few words regarding different topics and then I got a call from my dad he was asking me to book tickets for the village, actually we are planning to visit our village is been so long and there is marriage scheduled in the month of April, I asked @ghostfacer99 to check tickets availability on that route and any special trains are available or not, While was checking I continued to do my work on the laptop, Few moments later he informed me that there are few special train that I can book tickets, I kept my laptop on the table and went to check his system, I saw there where few tickets were available we both started booking the tickets I was able to book fast because I was aware of the passenger who are going to village, After booking the tickets I informed my dad regarding the same, I got few calls from my development team.

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🌝Good Evening Steemians,

The sun was setting down I informed him that I am leaving, for now, he said wait let have evening tea and then go, I said okay and I was working there in the evening, Few moments late the tea was ready we have tea and it was time to attend the evening sync-up meetings, I attended both the evening meetings and ended up by 7:30 it was dark outside I have to go home but as I was carrying my laptop I stayed at his home and finished all my work. finally, I logged out from the official portal and shut down my laptop.

After few minutes I left his house and came back to my home, I took some rest laying on the bed, after a few minutes dad entered home and asked me to have dinner first and then take a rest, I woke up from the bed and went to wash my hands and face, I came back to the hall and started having my dinner with my family, I completed my dinner and went back to my room, I powered on my laptop and started writing this post. I am very excited to share the same with you all, After finishing up this post and posting in our community, I will be going to sleep so, Good Night Steemian.

🌜Good Night Sweet dreams take care Steemian's, See you all tomorrow🌛

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