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In this post, I will be sharing my thoughts on Crypto Assets Capital, Penny Cryptocurrency & Watchlist.
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🔴Differences in Large Capital - Mid Capital - Small Capital and how they will affect to the Investment?

✔️ The return login of all three capitals are the more you take risk the more you can earn, The less you take risk and play safe the less you will get in return, There are 3 types of capitals, lets talk about the difference between them,

  1. Small Capitals: This types of capitals have more risks as compared to other 2 capitals, Small capitals has less fund as compared to other 2 capitals but still such capitals can lead to a good amount of profit from the market, Where trader takes more risk there trader can get more changes to grow.
  2. Mid Capitals: This types of capitals have more risk then large capital but have less risk then small capitals, This capitals gives better returns will normal risk bracket, The returns bracket is between large and small capitals that simply means you will be getting good returns as compared to large capitals and bit less returns then small capitals.
  3. Large Capitals: This types of capitals have less risk then other 2 capitals, Investment in such capitals are very safe the risk is equal to no but the returns are also low as compared to other 2 capitals, This funds are invested in high profile company which as already settled.

🔴Your view, Which type of Asset capital can be more profitable? Why? Advantages and Disadvantages. (Explain only 1)

✔️ As per my understanding small capitals are the best option to invest, As I have already explained in the above section the more you take risk the more you can earn, For a middle class traders this option can make a big change in there lives but one thing the trader needs to keep in mind before investing only investment that much which traders Will withstand, Also this capitals are less expensive as compared to other 2 capitals.

  • Advantage : It is less expensive and the returns are high.
  • Disadvantage : Here the risk factor is high, where a trader can loss all this investment.

🔴Thoughts on Risk Capital and Penny Cryptocurrency.

✔️ This two types of small investment where it won't be affect you more, This are the small investment where a trader can do and forget if it doesn't work.

  1. Risk Capital : The best part of risk capital is for investment traders don't require a huge funds they can save there daily extra expenses and they can us the same money for investment in the risk capital, Traders can forget if returns are not as expected.
  2. Penny Cryptocurrency: This are digit currency this are also cheap in terms of pricing, Penny are the least expensive currency, I will share my views here I bought a penny currency knows as BTT (BitTorrent) I bought this on 0.027 and today this penny crypto currency is giving me good amount of profit, I would suggest to go invest in such currency after understand the hole scenario.

🔴What is the Role of Watchlist? Best way to set Watchlist. Additionally, For Example, show your watchlist if you have configured it and give a short description of it.

✔️ Watchlist is board where a trader can select few coins that he/she is interested to invest in that, watchlist can be updated by the trader anytime as per his like and taste in the market, The watchlist is an tool to pick your coins which traders wants to keep an eye on that coins, In have a watchlist which I am keeping a track on it which includes BTT, MATIC and many more.


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