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Achievement 6 Task by @y0gi : Understanding Curation and Community

🙏Hi Steemians,

Welcome to my 6th post & I hope you all are fit and fine,
Today I am going to share on Understanding Curation and Community to complete the Achievement 6th.

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⭕️Do you understand how voting and curation work in steemit?
✅ Voting:
Voting is similar to other social media platform, In steemit, User can upvote and downvote the post depends on its content and user likes and dislikes, If a user is creating a post if the post gets an upvote then the author will be getting rewards and in case the post is downvoted then the author won't get any kind of rewards. Users are having voting power that can be checked through If the user is voting good amounts of the votes, then the voting power will get reduced and it will be restored in the coming time.

✅ Curation:
Curation is the rewards that a user gets in return for an upvote as a reward, If the user downvotes any post he/she won't be getting rewards in return. The ratio of curation rewards are fixed that is 50% - 50%, E.g If the user votes value is $1 if the user upvotes to a post then a rewarding user will be getting 50% of his vote value so basically the user will get getting as a curation reward of $0.50. The curation is the best part of steemit because if you help someone you will be getting rewards in return, Curation encourages users to upvotes and supports other user posts

⭕️What happened if we vote for a post before 5 minutes marks after posting?
✅ If a transaction is created it has to be completed as well for completing the transaction takes some time, So there are conditions for getting curation rewards, The below chart will help us to understand who voting time is important.

Voting TimeCurator RewardsReward Pool
1 Minute20%80%
2 Minute40%60%
3 Minute60%40%
4 Minute80%20%
5 Minute100%0%

✅The above image clearly mentioned that the best time is to vote for a new post is more than 5 minutes, If the user votes for a new post in less than 5 minutes then the curation reward will as mentioned in the above chart.

⭕️Who will you vote for Steem Witness ? and Why?
✅I will be voting for exnihilo.witness as a witness the reason behind voting this witness is in return we get daily 0.001 Steem from exnihilo.witness as a daily share In coming days I will be checking out other witnesses as well. I can vote up to 30 witnesses so definitely in the future I will be voting few more

⭕️Which community will you join in Steemit, and why?
✅I have joined the below-listed communities

cc: @cryptokannon

Thank You for reading my post

🤩Excited to see your positive comments.

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