I’m back.

Well everyone. After 3 years of being gone from the platform. I’ve come back! It’s been a roller coaster rider for me with everything that’s happened. Last big post I remember making was my I got fired post. That was truly a crazy time for me. And like I said it that post, I was going to take that opportunity. I ended getting a job with a veterinarian company and ended traveling a lot for training. And then ended up becoming a fractious pet handling trainer for the company. I truly though I was going to stay with them for a long time. That ended up being for 3 years.

I then decided it was time to use my learned skills and use them to get a job closer to my fiancé since she was pregnant. I was working in Arkansas and she was living in Missouri. There was a 4 hour gap between us and I decided it was time to move closer to her to start our little family. So I applied for a job, and thanks to skills I learned at my previous job, I was able to get it. I was now a full time animal control officer!


I can’t tell you how lucky I am now and how great it was that I got fired. I was terrified at the time. Not knowing where life was going to take me. But, I ended making the best of it!

I’ll be posting more again! And hopefully you all decide to tag along. I’ll also be posting some cool animals I get to interact with. Anyway. I hope you all have a great rest of your day!!

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