Wednesday Day 1 Travel to Prague, Czech Republic

Wednesday Day 1 Travel to Prague, Czech Republic

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Berlin to Prague, Czech RepublicArrived 5 hours by trainI'll have another curry boost in BerlinI bought coffee and cookies and ate them on the train.

​I've heard a lot about the Czech Republic because it feels like communism.I arrived at the parkI felt peaceful.The hotel is very close to Central StationI'm leaving my luggageThe owner of the hostel gave me ramen and beer if I didn't have lunch.Let's take a look around the city of Prague with my Busan brotherBusan brother said it was his second visit to Prague.I was going to guide you.After changing your Euro to Koruna at the exchange center recommended by the property,Exploring Prague in earnest

​PragueNational MuseumBacklit photoAs the largest national museum in the Czech RepublicWhat I was interested in was a 516.5-carat diamond oreHowever, it is currently under renovation and will open in 2015 ...I missed the diamond

Enceslas squarePraha, Czech Republic 1


​Wenceslas Square,thePrague's painful historyA young student who longed for freedom played a partIt was also a place where citizens were pleased when the communists withdrew from the velvet revolution.

Through the square in earnest inthe Old Town of Pragueseotda into

Powder Toweralso passed

You can also see a gorgeous theater

​There are also unusual sculptures

When you enter the old town squareStatueofJanhusis located in the middle

Tin Church

Easter is coming and it is a busy plaza in preparation for the event.

Astronomical Clock TowerDolls come out every hour

​Old Town Square has many cafes and restaurantsBecause my brotherwanted to eatgelatoI had a lemon and cranberry

There are many marionettes in the souvenir shop.

Walk down the alleyway towards the Voltaba RiverI'm lost many times

Arrival in front of Charles BridgeTheOld Town side toweris infront of Charles Bridge.It looks like a gunpowder tower

​Next to theClementi Stadiumthere is locatedThe flower is so pretty

Charles Bridgeup

​Prague Castlecan be seen at a glance

One of the two statues wishing for CharlesPut your left hand on the golden cross underneathAfter bringing the right hand to Jesus lyingI make a wish ㅎㅎI also wished

And blame the suddenly cloudy weather

Many statues in the Charles Bridge have a story.It would be better if you knewI was glad to hear a little when I listen to the night tour

The view from the bridge is also beautiful

I decided to have dinner at the hotelOn my way to the propertyIdecided to climb theAstronomical Clock Tower.Prague view from the top of the clock tower

​I'm ready for Easter

​Many red roofsHe said it reminds me of a ceki

​This eveningBelly partyㅎㅎI thought it was only pork belly today.Everyday dinner was pork belly

And we have a night tourFirst course close to accommodationNational Museum

The weather is not good ㅠㅠ It started to rain little by little ㅠㅠ

See the old townNot to see Charles Bridge and Prague Castle at nightI walked to the lower bridge

Prague'sfamousnight view in theworldI can't really put it all in a pictureNight view of Prague Castle and Charles Bridgeand go directly to see !!!!

I saw the night view here, Italy and SpainThere was no inspiration

AndOld Town SquareThe night view is beautifulAfter the night tourGo foranight tourat theaccommodationStrip bar

I had a different experience that I can't experience in KoreaI was wondering here.Come out after a night tour and have another drink at the hotelI was going to skydiving tomorrowI don't think the weather will help you

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