Apr 18, 2019 Venice Italy Travel Venice ♥

Apr 18, 2019 Venice Italy Travel Venice ♥

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Venice accommodation

Not near Santa Lucia station

We caught on the side of Mestre Station

Having breakfast at the hostel

I went to Santa Lucia Station on Venice Island with my friends  .

Arrival at Venice Santa Lucia Station

City of Water Venice ♥

Once you cross the bridge in front of the station,

Through the middle alleys

I can't just walk down the river

I have to find a bridge

Traditional Market Discovery

It is a city of water, so it is full of seafood.

I want to eat a lot of sashimi with my friend

Directions are not easy in Venice

Every time you cross the bridge, you will see a beautiful view.

People riding gondola

The rowing knight looked hard.

St. Mark's Square in front of you

I don't know how to cross

I'm blaming vaporetto

I went to the nearby Vaporetto Wharf to ride Vaporetto.

There was no place selling tickets.

Come back again, stop the half-day ticket at the hole shop and go back to the dock

San Marco Square

View of Ducale Palace

There were a lot of people ㅎㄷㄷ

To avoid the crowds and go to other islands

Before going to Murano Island

Transit Lido Island

A little cold

I had a cup of cafe latte

Murano Island Arrival

Murano Island famous for its glass

There were glass works all over the place.

There's a big seagull in front of me

There were so many pretty glass works

Both my friend and I have been incredibly

But the glass clock looks good

I don't even know how to sit by the water

I chatted a lot.

Before going to Burano

Eat one sandwich in the bath

Burano Island ^^

If Murano Island is famous for glass

Burano is famous for its lace crafts.

I sold a lot of products using lace all over the place.

Various colors are beautiful in every house

In Burano Island where water fog is common

It's easy to find your home.

Even the laundry you hang is like a picture

The Location was a music video of IU

Souvenir picture

But it's funny Ha ha ha

Leave a picture with each other and friends

Too many beautiful places

The weather was nice on Murano Island

The weather was bad since I arrived in Burano.

Coming sooner

It's getting dark so I ride a Vaporetto

Back to Venice main island

We didn't eat properly all day

I'm just going to keep the snack

Finally came to main island to eat

Pizza and Salad Amazing Red Orange Juice

Originally, orange in Europe is called red

Snacks on the way to the night view

Look pretty

My friend bought something that looks like chocolate with nuts

I thought it was chocolate but I just melted it

It tastes like ... lol

Finally arrived at Rialto Bridge

Than the night view of the Rialto Bridge

Venice overlooking Rialto looks beautiful

I looked around at the night to buy a gift.

I was just blaming as Vaporetto came

Go in reverse ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

There are many shops closed because it's too late.

I only got to Santa Lucia station

The Eurail timetable says there are trains

It was a bus, not a train.

With the Koreans passing by

Just leave Santa Lucia Station and find a bus stop

Only barely returned to the hostel

I arrived after 12 o'clock.

Venice was my romance ♥

I should have plenty of time

I can't find my way

It's dark, so I think I've lost more

Still, I want to go to Burano and Lido islands on a nice day

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