Yesterday (on 2020.03.21) I started powering down 800 Steem

I know that it is a very little amount, but that is almost all I currently have. And many other people are in similar shoes. And these little amounts add up to a big/huge amount, if/when more people start powering down.

I started powering down because of my disappointment in the platform. Or rather in the behavior of the most of the Steem blockchain users. But that is the same after all. The users makes the platform what it is.

I simply had enough of the lack of the real human interaction. And recently the spam comments about joining Hive. I also had enough of the selfish and greedy people. Many people self-upvote their own comments with $0.50 or more, while the most of the users earn much less than that with their posts, in which they invest a lot of time, work and effort. Many people do not even earn anything with some of their posts, because of the payout threshold ($0.02). I also had enough of the censorship. Both on Steemit, and in the "communities", for example in @dcooperation.

So I have plenty of reasons to power down, and the Steem blockchain "community" keep giving me more.

No matter what I post, what I try, what I write about, almost (often literally) no one cares about my Steem blockchain posts. I upvote others, and only others, and I comment under their posts, but even my comments got ignored sometimes. And I am not alone with this. Many people are in similar shoes.

And do not talk to me, as if I would be a new Steem blockchain user! No! I am not a new Steem blockchain user! I am on the Steem blockchain since 2017.05.17! Almost three years! Enough!

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This is the smartest way to KILL STEEM QUICKLY

How stupid are they to start censorship???

22.03.2020 11:50

Probably very, but is not the only one, who started censorship. As I mentioned in the post above, there is also censorship in the communities. For example in @dcooperation. Looks like the Steem blockchain is starting to lose one of its biggest advantages over other social networks. The freedom of speech.

22.03.2020 13:10

hey bro, did you discover how to fix the problem with ESTM tokens?
I say your comment, and I'm facing the same issue... cheers.

22.03.2020 11:53

No, not yet. But hopefully soon.

22.03.2020 13:06

I'm powering down too...I'm afraid Steem and Hive both will die. The blacklist implemented for the hive airdrop etc. makes me believe Hive will be as centralized as steem.

22.03.2020 14:46

Steem as a social media platform is already dead. Maybe the Steem blockchain games and the Steem Engine are exceptions, but the latter is just/only a trading/investment platform.

22.03.2020 14:56