Steem Power Up Day 9 (SPUD9) - 2020.01.01

Today (2020.01.01) I Powered Up 8.646 Steem.
I currently (2020.01.01, 18:28 CET) have 760.259 Steem Power.
I currently don't have any liquid Steem nor Steem Dollars (SBD), so I Powered Up everything I had in my Steem wallet.
What about you? Have you participated in SPUD9?
If yes, then how much have you Powered Up?
Are you planning to participate in SPUD10?

Comments 2

I currently have around 30 Steem across 2 accounts to power up which I will do this week.

I don’t follow this SPUD thing. But power up all Steem due to it’s low value at the moment. I am more interested in the growth potential of my Steem holdings right now rather than trading Steem for other coins.

01.01.2020 22:48

Nice way to think about it.

13.01.2020 10:55