What would you do if you became a dolphin in World of Xpilar?

If you love Steem Blockchain, you should build your own Steem Power 💪 🐬

bli en delfin.png

World of Xpilar is a large community and many posts earn rewards from us, Unfortunately there are too many who just take out what they earn without increasing their own Steem Power

What does that tell us?

Do you just want to milk us as a society without giving anything back, what about those who vote for you. Will you not give anything back to them?

The World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail has an effective SP of 500K, do they deserve upvote from our trail?

I leave that answer to you, please comment


Back to my original question

What would you do if you became a dolphin in World of Xpilar?🐬

I have some ideas on how I can make you a dolphin in the Wold of Xpilar.

Imagine if all the active members of our society were dolphins or even bigger than a dolphin

To be a real dolphin 🐬, your Steem Power must be at 5000 SP and not delegated from others

The time has come for the World of Xpilar Community dolphin club

cc: @steemcurator01 @pennsif



Voting for me:

Do you know what Spam is?, do you know how to Power Up?, what communities do you like and why?, what do you want to learn about Steemit?, These and other points we can discuss during this week.


The post "Talk Channel"will be posted weekly, every Monday and is open to everyone the whole week.And there we should all appreciate comments and responses to each other.

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Latest news on steem follow @pennsif

has given its first 1000 Steem,
support to help Carla García with the diagnosis COVID-19

You can read about the contribution here

Can we make a difference? A new project has been born # @wox-helpfund


APP account is called woxauto


Comments 42

I like blockchain. I support my friends. I am very happy with them. thanks for sharing

21.07.2021 04:52

Hi @ahlawat

We've known each other for a long time and I'm glad to see you're a dolphin

22.07.2021 00:24

I would love to support my community authors as they work really hard for my community #SteemShip. I'm trying to grow my steem power like a turtle but I'm hopeful for future. You are my inspiration dear friend @xpilar

21.07.2021 05:55

Nice to hear that, thanks @shohana1

22.07.2021 00:25

My goal is not to withdraw any resources from the account for at least 2 years, and maybe longer. Every day I give at least 8-10 upvotes. And I plan to continue to support and motivate other users.

So I'm sure I'll be a dolphin someday. However, now I am still a beginner and it is very difficult to grow.

21.07.2021 06:20

Hi @o1eh

Nice to hear that, yes it's not easy but hard work

22.07.2021 00:28

I vote quality posts on a daily basis (personally and through curation trail). I believe the vote gets bigger as my sp increases.
Thanks for reminding us again that we should endeavour to keep building our sp.

Cheers buddy

21.07.2021 07:50

Hi @samminator

Great to hear that, see you are on your way to becoming a dolphin

22.07.2021 00:30

This is very important

21.07.2021 08:08

That's right, it's important @rayhan111

22.07.2021 00:31

It is important to have more Steem Power to be visible. The more we have the more people we can help. As you mentioned our Community is really huge and Upvote Power is not endless. Therefore, if there would be more people who would have and retain their Steem Power in order to entertain the others then the Community will be independent.

Until now we still depend on various curation opportunities that is what people have to use in order to grow.

21.07.2021 08:52

Yes, it would be great if we could make more people understand the importance of having their own SP

22.07.2021 00:19

I am getting close to being a Dolphin! It's only taken me since January 2018 haha

21.07.2021 16:24

Hi @mrchef111

You're soon a dolphin and it's great even though it's taken its time

22.07.2021 01:09

Thanks!! :)

22.07.2021 16:00

Greetings friend @xpilar.

An important question on the table, no doubt, it would be a wonderful thing for many of us to become Dolphin and generate a block of support of great importance, therefore, we must raise awareness among users to continue to increase Steem Power.

Me being a Dolphin, I am giving a little support to the publications that show good quality. I am committed to continue growing and to be able to contribute more and more to the community.

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21.07.2021 23:10

@adeljose you understood very early on having your own SP

We must focus on it in the future so that others will also understand it by having their own SP

What surprises me is that no more people respond to my post

It is holiday time for many so that may be one of the reasons 😎

22.07.2021 01:20

The World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail has an effective SP of 500K, do they deserve upvote from our trail?

YES they deserve an upvote.

I will be very glad to be a dolphin and I am going to run with you to get there.

Thanks very much for bringing up such a great initiative.

22.07.2021 03:43

Nice to hear that, thanks @edmund.nef

22.07.2021 03:57

My pleasure.

22.07.2021 04:00

Well, I'm already a Dolphin, and I just quietly keep increasing my SP (getting closer to 7500!) posting and commenting some. One of the nice things about having a bit higher SP is that you can "afford" to upvote nice comments as well, and your comment vote doesn't end up being wasted as a "dust" vote.

22.07.2021 06:09

First I want to thank you @denmarkguy for all the great posts that you produce
It is always a pleasure to read your posts
You are absolutely right with larger SP, it is great to be able to give good comments an upvote
If you do not mind, I will change your title in our community to WOX Delfin Club

22.07.2021 13:26

Works for me @xpilar, thank you! Appreciate the kind words.

Oh, and I like that you used the Norwegian "delfin" (also Danish)!

23.07.2021 01:47

Hehe, I forgot to translate to dolphin 😎

23.07.2021 14:03

It is very important to have a lot of Sp, with a lot of Sp we can help as you have said.
By having a lot of SP we can be independent.
Because SP is very important here.

22.07.2021 17:12

Yes @jasonmunapasee , we need to make most people understand that

22.07.2021 23:57

Yes, I agree.

23.07.2021 16:19

I agree with you @xpilar, there must be an exchange, Give and Receive. The truth is that in my case, I started on Steemit on the recommendation of a friend, he had explained very few things to me, for me this was another world, I did not understand many things here, at that time I did not dedicate myself to read and prepare in this world , as is Steemit. I admit my mistake back then. Anyway, my posts were not really paid, what I did was post and comment.
After a while I resumed my activities, because I really like to publish, I like to write and interact with other steemians, and I feel good with Steemit.
Last year, motivated by the plandemic, added to the difficult economic situation in Venezuela, I was left without my business, without a permanent job, it was at that moment that I dedicated myself to being more active on this platform.
I acknowledge that at some point I have been one of the users that has received rewards a couple of times, and I have withdrawn them, but it was not for not contributing, for not increasing my SP to help other users, I was simply going through a situation quite complicated economic in my country Venezuela. However, for a few months I have decided to leave some of the few rewards that I have received to do Power up, in view of the importance of raising my SP, for me, and to be able to help other users with my positive votes.
I want to do everything possible to contribute to this beautiful community, with other users, of course, continue to grow.
Thank you for your valuable support @ xpilar and the WOX community.
I like how you encourage us to continue growing and contributing to the community.
Have a splendid day, full of Infinite Blessings.

23.07.2021 15:05

Hi @mirla33

I understand that some have to use some of what they earn here
at the same time as it is important to build your own SP

24.07.2021 00:03

Yes @xpilar I will do my best to keep increasing my Sp. I really appreciate your valuable support and encouragement to keep going, you are a great guide in this community. I congratulate you for the great push you give us in this community to continue evolving. Thank you, I wish you have a wonderful day.

24.07.2021 15:00

This is an important reminder for all Stymians. Working on a platform doesn't mean quick money. It is a long-term investment of creativity in your future.
At one time, becoming a dolphin, I decided that I can help others through a delegation of a small SP for a short time, which will be sufficient to raise my own SP.
This eventually resulted in a rookie support program. It is the SP delegation that gives them the opportunity to be more active on the platform. But this activity can not be compared with the possibilities of a dolphin.
Lately, I need a laptop to work away from home. I cannot just "go on vacation", the support program must continue. I have withdrawn several tokens and they were enough for me to buy. At the same time, I remained a dolphin and my goal is ... to grow to a killer whale :) Sounds somewhat problematic, but why not? I just have to increase my activity on the platform.
I am grateful to @xpilar for his support and care for our community and platform.

23.07.2021 20:52

Hi @bambuka

Thanks for the feedback and kind words
Yes, we need to focus more on everyone building their own SP
I'm pretty sure you will reach your goals and become a killer whale

24.07.2021 00:07

I understand that killer whales and dolphins are a game component, just a social game :)
However, it works like ranks and ranks in the army. True, they pay extra for titles to the salary ... :-))
There was a time when I grew up to become a whale on one of the platforms, then I did not withdraw a single token. True, this platform went bankrupt and became an example of a scam. The greed of individuals can destroy any eco-system. But this is life. Of course, I sometimes regret the effort spent, but I have acquired a lot of things that cannot be measured in tokens or fiat.
I hope this does not happen with our platform. I see many adequate people and worthy leaders.

24.07.2021 11:05

Increasing SP means increasing the dignity and dignity on this platform. I believe what you suggest is brilliant, @xpilar. Since the beginning of knowing posts, social action and support for other Steemian, I know more and more that what you suggest is true. I always hope to continue to improve my SP and position. I still remember your message to always increase your SP so that you can be more empowered and contribute to developing the ecosystem on Steemit.

24.07.2021 22:59

As you know @rokhani, I have supported an incredible number of users on my journey in Steem Blochain, but only a few have listened to me build up their own SP. Unfortunately, it is so today that many users only expect upvote from @steemcurator01 and other whales without giving anything back and just taking out their rewards

In the future, I will be more focused on those who want to build their own SP. What is a vote worth if they do not have their own SP

If the World of Xpilar community is to continue as we grow now we need more people who build their own power because my power is limited and I can not cover everyone who posts

25.07.2021 00:59

It's true what you say, @xpilar. We need people who are dedicated to building the Steem community and ecosystem.
unfortunately, there are still many people who don't think so for various reasons. But the saddest thing is the desire to get money and income so they don't think further to do power ups.
Until now I have always tried to follow your advice that has always been stated that every Steemian needs to build his own SP. In addition to strengthening my position as an individual in the community and platform, I also believe that massive Power Ups will reduce liquid Steem so that the supply of Steem in the market decreases. We all dream of Steem being able to get a high score position so that we can feel the results of our hard work diving in Steemit.

25.07.2021 03:41

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

26.07.2021 03:02

Thank you @pennsif

27.07.2021 00:04

Buenas noches, cuenta con mi apoyo para sus planes.
Actualmente estoy realizando mis logros antes de publicar contenido en comunidades, sin embargo no he retirado ningun SP de mi poder de voto, planeo seguir así hasta lograr ser un delfin algún día.

27.07.2021 03:53