The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 76) "we are testing our new community WORLD OF XPILAR"

Time for a contest again, where you are the author

Prizes : Upvotes to be won
(You will get a reward from me with a good upvote)

Digital art made by @xpilar

Be creative, Make a good story out of my digital picture

busker og vann 1 A.jpg

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31.03.2020 09:03

thank you @nevlu123 for sharing your thoughts

01.04.2020 23:14

Lot of thanks sir

02.04.2020 05:14

That plants is called Da Ni by Myanmar pronunciation.

31.03.2020 13:37

Hi @xpilar thank you for this peaceful landscape, the moon that is dropping light on the ground and silver reflection of the surface of water.Thank you for being active and keeping our users been engaged and active.

31.03.2020 14:53

Oh palma que decoras el ambiente aun en penumbras,
otros elementos en tu presencia se acoplan
porque en la noche la luna con su tenue luz te saluda
y tú, con tus ramas efusivamente le respondes
con la ayuda de la brisa que suavemente sopla.
y la presencia de luceros que te adornan.

Saludos, bendiciones.

31.03.2020 20:06

Hi @xpilar, this digital art image looks very real. Cheers!

31.03.2020 20:26

hello sir @xpilar. This digital image is interesting to describe. Your digital image looks like a clean pool but starts growing with lots of thorny trees. yes, it's like what's happening here now. since the hive was launched, the steem villains who have long been inactive, now they are active again. they began to plant thorns again. they have great strength. some even reach 1 million strength. they display quite a lot of posts every day. and only chooses for himself. but what is unfortunate, there are no whales that kill them here.

because the whales killed them, most of them moved to the nest. now they are very free at steem. and they don't just stop. after they plant the thorn in steem, they also try to plant the thorn in the hive. but they didn't get anything there. they are turned off. I'm sure you know who they are. what do you think about this?

01.04.2020 03:59

Hi @aulia1993

No, I don't know who you mean.
Nice if you post some links so I see who you are thinking about.Posted with ![](

01.04.2020 23:26

he is haejin. and many others.

02.04.2020 09:30


think you should think a little more about joining my competition here and having fun.
Join the community of World of Xpilar and comment on those who are here and posts.
There are many nice people here. Use the time correctly and write good posts.Posted with ![](

03.04.2020 00:11

Yes I will join

03.04.2020 06:18

Thank you for another chance @xpilar, this is my post entry for world xpilar community competition76.

01.04.2020 05:20

@xpilar, this image is simply spectacular. It inspires me.
I'm going to write about it.

01.04.2020 09:53

Hey, buddy @xpilar, thanks again for the opportunity. I really liked this picture. Here's my entry:

01.04.2020 11:29

Thanks for your thoughts @daniella619

Wherever we go, I know what I want to do.
Many people try to ride two horses at once and harvest from both horses, which I find very difficult. I have Steem in my heart and will continue to post here.
I want both platforms to find their way and that it will be positive for everyone. In a peoide, the course at Steem will go down before the dust settles. But we are many here fighting for Steem to become what it is meant to be. Thank you for posting in my competitionsPosted with ![](

02.04.2020 00:09

Yeah boss
Thanks for the competition

02.04.2020 21:07

this is my link from your digital image, thank you very much for everything.

01.04.2020 14:40

thank you @xpilar if you like it, I will always look forward to your work

02.04.2020 01:06
01.04.2020 23:04
02.04.2020 00:20

Here's looking at you, @xpilar, and what your community was to me on today's visit to Steem ... The Oasis

02.04.2020 22:39

Hi @deeanndmathews

You took the time to write, it warms my heart now. ❤️

I really like your story, it tells a lot about everythingPosted with ![](

03.04.2020 00:30

@xpilar This image is simply spectacular. It inspires me in these serious moments of quarantine. Wishing everyone is well and we will return to normal soon.

Here's my entry: post

02.04.2020 23:20

Hello friend @xpilar, I have had the audacity to make another writing from that image.. I hope there is no problem in it.

03.04.2020 04:40

creating multiple stories from the same image is no problem

06.04.2020 00:24

Hello, dear @Xpilar!! Inspiration came home thanks to you!! The pond and the plants seemed to me as something savage!! Here's an outlook from what's could be happening there in your landscape!!
The best winds for life and projects!!


03.04.2020 14:38

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03.04.2020 16:03

thank you @cloudblade for your description

06.04.2020 00:27

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03.04.2020 16:51

Hello @xpilar, I just made a publication using your image, this is the link

I hope the story is to your liking, thank you.

03.04.2020 19:52

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04.04.2020 03:22

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06.04.2020 00:54

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06.04.2020 07:14

I only support @steemitasclub for STEEM since I don't even post on Hive. I'm sorry I can't do that with @alebrijes

07.04.2020 03:23

Thanks for your support dear @xpilar.


07.04.2020 07:17

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04.04.2020 09:36

Raise your hand if you thought I wasn't coming to my #76 edition. Hello team over here I leave my participation waiting for everyone to be super healthy.

04.04.2020 17:50