The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 60)

Time for a contest again, where you are the author

Digital art made by @xpilar

Be creative, Make a good story out of my digital picture

You join easily,

You post your story with my picture on your blog.

Yes your blog

and you also post the story in the comment box
here on my blog and with a link to your post

Those who choose to write a story and publish it on their own
blog page gets rewarded by me with an upvote for it on your site

Remember to add the link here when you have posted so I can see it

spaceworld 9 A.jpg

See the picture better CLIK HERE, view full size

Here you see a bit when I create the image in
the 3D program before I put on effects and colors

spaceworld 9 vise 1.jpg

spaceworld 9 vise 2.jpg

I am grateful for a comment about my Digital art

If you want to write a story,
it must be related to my picture
Be creative when creating the story

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Comments 69

Amazing Digital art space make me Wonderful.

11.02.2020 03:45

Nice that you like it, thanks @golden.future

11.02.2020 03:50

Great digital art, thanks!

My story:

A magnificent distant planet inhabited by extraordinary creatures, its bizarre buildings coexist with extinct volcanoes...
Its sky is twinkling and shimmering with lights of unprecedented beauty...

The lush vegetation is hidden in the gorges, and a bright day with a clear sky gives way to a solemn night with a sky strewn with stars and painted in various amazing colors...

How much unknown things this planet hides!
Wonderful and unprecedented unusual vegetation, minerals, strange and shy, but beautiful animals...
And maybe even intelligent creatures inhabit it!

There are many miracles on this planet and we have to discover them all!

11.02.2020 06:55

Super fantastic

11.02.2020 07:41

Well come

15.02.2020 05:09

very beautiful...

11.02.2020 10:24

Great artwork again buddy! I love your work, if you dont mind me asking what program did you use?

11.02.2020 10:26

I'm glad you consider it worthy for your art.
Thank you for continuing your good work.

12.02.2020 13:05


11.02.2020 12:16

another amazing masterpiece this looks so nice :)

11.02.2020 13:34

Our love from gray to color.
Our relationship had a gray beginning, there were many tears, arguments and misunderstandings

The days together passed, then the months but I had no hope

I got carried away with what life gave us, but I didn't think about the future, something always discouraged me

But the months turned into years, and love was fortified

In the past there were discussions and bad words, now your love fills my soul

We get alliances out of the mud and grow so much that now life is going well

One January afternoon an alliance you put on my finger, you filled my life with color

You changed my sky and now all my life I want to give you

Now I can assure that love can flourish from anywhere

When love is real, it can withstand any beginning and never have an end.

11.02.2020 14:00

Every day I am more impressed and fascinated by every piece of art you give us, my friend @xpilar. Fascinating mix of colours in the sky. Preparing my entrance. A hug.

11.02.2020 15:32
11.02.2020 18:23

Another excellent art. I liked it quite a bit and was inspired by the following story:

Thank you for your art and for these initiatives!

Greetings and successes to all!

11.02.2020 18:23

gourgious editingeffets

Posted using Partiko Android

11.02.2020 18:45

very nice imagination

11.02.2020 20:53

Beautiful digital art that awakens the imagination and thoughts capable of recreating, with words, the look.
Greetings, @xpilar! My entry:

11.02.2020 22:07

Genial diseño con armoniosos colores de impresionante belleza,

momento en que las nubes se visten de gala para conjugar un ambiente exquisito,
porque algunos elementos hicieron su aporte de manera expresa,
para contribuir con la regia excelencia en una mágica noche e inspiradora,
donde la quietud reflejada en el ambiente con la presencia de estrellas y luceros
invitan a extraer de lo profundo del alma
un sentir por tan excelente obra magistralmente expuesta

la que xpilar ha diseñado con gran dedicación, o evidente esmero.

12.02.2020 00:23


12.02.2020 11:12

Well come

15.02.2020 05:09

hello @xpilar, your digital image looks like patches of earth scattered about. I will describe your digital image in terms of health too. Your digital image shows that there are wounds that have been contaminated with germs. patches of land that can be compared to like germs.

if a wound has been contaminated with germs, this will cause an infection. infection is marked by the appearance of pus with pain in the area around the wound, the area around the wound is reddish or black, swollen, and a bad odor comes out. this must be dealt with quickly. because it will cause fever and other symptoms.

can be treated simply at home.

compress the area around the wound to reduce swelling, take antibiotics regularly for 8 hours. because the dose of the drug will work for 8 hours. routinely change the bandages, take anti-pain medication, and drink enough water.

this is just my description of your digital image.


12.02.2020 12:49

It is seen that it is a world with very hard conditions to host life ... greetings

12.02.2020 15:50

Hello @xpilar, this is where I leave my ticket:

Thank you for the opportunity.
I don't know where you get these images, or where in your mind they originate, but they inspire.

12.02.2020 23:47

Thanks for the great description / story @josevas217

When I start making a picture,
I don't always know what it will be until I've let my imagination run away 🙂Posted with ![](

13.02.2020 01:48

It must be interesting to see this process of creation @xpilar
if you recorded a video, a lot of visitors would get ha ha ha

15.02.2020 11:55

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15.02.2020 09:55

thanks for the great story, can't wait to read more

22.02.2020 15:00

Hola @xpilar, acabo de realizar una publicación usando tu imagen, este es el link

Espero que el relato sea de tu agrado, gracias.

26.02.2020 07:47

thanks for the amazing story @amart29

26.02.2020 14:44