The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 54)

Time for a contest again, where you are the author

Digital art made by @xpilar

Be creative, Make a good story out of my digital picture

You join easily,

You post your story with my picture on your blog.

Yes your blog

and you also post the story in the comment box
here on my blog and with a link to your post

Those who choose to write a story and publish it on their own
blog page gets rewarded by me with an upvote for it on your site

strandet båt 1 A.jpg

See the picture better CLIK HERE, view full size

Here you see a bit when I create the image in
the 3D program before I put on effects and colors

strandet båt 1 vise 1.jpg

strandet båt 1 vise 2.jpg

I am grateful for a comment about my Digital art

If you want to write a story,
it mus be related to my picture
Be creative when creating the story


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27.01.2020 03:29

hehe, what do you mean by DOP @stovehustler

27.01.2020 03:44

A shipwreck in Lake Michigan

27.01.2020 03:47


27.01.2020 03:50

Wow the looks all natural. What is the render time for it? I have also posted my new artwork of impossible triangle.

27.01.2020 04:04

I'm waiting for spring to come @rocksg

27.01.2020 04:13

Small beached boat below blue sky, nice view

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27.01.2020 04:26

Beautiful😍💓 weather i

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27.01.2020 05:03

Que bello quedo tu arte espero poder publicar.

27.01.2020 18:35

Strong storm

27.01.2020 06:07

thanks for the story @cloudblade

and congratulations on your new status

27.01.2020 15:10

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27.01.2020 07:46

That's great and I would love to join the contest for digital art is fun and I'm sure everyone will join. It's fun as well in Steemit and it's time to showcase our talents in your given contest as well. So let's start thinking of a nice topic for our art guys. Maybe I'll choose a fairytale princesses like Jasmine, Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Belle and many more. Must be so nice to live a fairytale life and my life was like that with my family because I have a wonderful mother too. And it is important to give your children a wonderful and unforgettable experience or to have a healthy kind of life while growing up.

27.01.2020 12:47

that's real for sure wow its interesting :)

27.01.2020 13:23

Shipwreck of love
Drifting I go on a ship sailing through the mist for my wishes that you were the ideal man for me

The sea of ​​my desires went wild, it was filled with anger and rage when I understood that you were not the one for me

It was more time in solitude that I had to navigate, watching sunrises arrive while you in other ports you anchored

For a long time among the waves I wanted this love to survive, but the storm was always present, always.

My love is an empty ship that I try to survive in a desolate sea of ​​your love

But my heart of an adventurous sailor, I can't survive your coldness and the shore went to a halt

The winds that propelled my sailboat led me to shipwreck to the shores of disappointment and total crying.

27.01.2020 14:09

Thanks for yourself,,,,,
,, Thanks, you so butiful photo,,,,

27.01.2020 16:48

Such sunny and beautiful day, like how the seagulls are enjoying sun bath. That is the dream place to spend summer holiday, sun dunes and sea. Looking at your Art just remembered that I wanted to give the dates of my annual leave to my hubby to book holiday. Have a nice week @xpilar :)

27.01.2020 16:55
28.01.2020 00:39

Your digital art has a special atractcion in its colors strokes. Very beauiful, sincerely.

27.01.2020 17:03

Wanderfull sceannery

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27.01.2020 18:24

Hey, buddy, your picture reminded me of a difficult phase in my life.

Her is the Link :

27.01.2020 20:23

Hi @steeimran

You have written this on your blog and it makes sense and respect

My mission in life: spreading love, science, awareness and happiness to all human beings with all their religions, beliefs and ideas. I don't hate any human

If everyone in the world could have such thoughts, the world would not consist of human problems.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and writing about it from my digital image

Re-steemed 👍Posted with ![](

28.01.2020 01:10

Hi dear friend @xpilar, First of all My respect and thanks and appreciation to you for your team's vote on my post.

The diplomacy and the goal of the general culture is to develop society for the better, and society will not get its preference among societies unless it receives the studied values manuscript and moral, those that overlap in the positive framework of values, resulting in contributing to the building and strengthening of the culture of peace.

28.01.2020 18:35
28.01.2020 20:14

🙏🙏 thank you

28.01.2020 20:19

¡Oh, donde están mis hijos, mi nido,mis pichones! ¡si, este es el lugar, pero, qué ha pasado está desbastado, adónde iremos ya no tenemos nuestro refugio…¡
Es la incertidumbre de unas aves que retornan a su nido donde solo encuentran tal ambiente ¡Que triste¡, pero no terminamos de comprender que así como esas aves desorientadas por los efectos de “nuestras irracionales acciones” es por lo que se continúa deteriorando el planeta, y lamentablemente también diremos como si fuéramos zombis: ¡dónde está nuestro terruño que ha pasado adónde iremos, dónde está esa tierra que fue tan hermosa y con un clima tan espectacular…?

Cada quien tiene una conciencia y debemos utilizarla adecuadamente… es mucho lo que podemos hacer en pro del ambiente. Y aunque el gran daño esté hecho.Por lo menos podríamos decir: hice lo que me correspondía.

27.01.2020 23:01

Thanks @xpilar for another contest
This is my entry to this contest
Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 54): The fisherman

28.01.2020 08:30

My entrance @xpilar to the challenge, a very interesting image looks like a photograph:

29.01.2020 03:27

Such inspiring beautiful image, thanks @xpilar.

Probably it's too late to take part?

29.01.2020 14:23
29.01.2020 15:29

Hello @xpilar, I just made a publication using your image, this is the link

I hope the story is to your liking, thank you.

15.02.2020 12:44