Do you like Sports Betting? "Steembet" is now live on Steem Blockchain!

The alpha version av Steembet runs on top of steem blockchain and is in a test period and Calls for Alpha testers to test the game system on steem.

In the final version you can bet on various sports, including football, cricket, boxing and much more

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How to bet?
When the

Go to steembet

Write your username and click login, you need to have steem keychain extension installed in your browser, when you type your username and click login, steem keychain extension will open and you must authorise it.

steem  Keychain.jpg
Click the little tab in Steem Keychain to auto so you do not have to accept every page before it loads

You can select which sports you want to bet on in left navbar.
When a game is choosen, you can select which team you want to bet on.

Ice Hockey.jpg

You can now enter your bet amount and bet.

Place Bet.jpg

When you bet, your bet status will be shown in mybets menu after a few minutes.

My Bets.jpg

  • Do not send steem from your wallet via memo, the system automatically registers it from "Steembet" to your wallet

It takes a few minutes before your bet is visible on your Steem Wallet

My Bets fra steem wallet.jpg

Good luck

Here you can read "steembetio" feedback from those who already play with Steembet

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CLIK HERE, Wondering how Steemit works, read STEEMIT FAQ?

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thanks for posting this , we are yet in alpha as we discussed , we have seen few bugs and working on it , As soon as we make some imporvements , we will be more awesome , ,

Keep Winning


08.12.2020 05:40

I so love this on steem..
I love sport betting and this steembet is just for me.

08.12.2020 07:06

Hi @davosimple

Thank you for making a post about Steembet

08.12.2020 15:03

My pleasure sire..
Steembet is really gonna get my bet-lover friends to know about steemit.

08.12.2020 18:57

That's great, thank you @davosimple

08.12.2020 23:06

Interesting I haven't seen any new steem related apps in a while.

If I get some time I will have to check it out.

08.12.2020 14:11

Hi @adsup

Hope you have time to look at it.
It will also be nice if you make a post about Steembet

08.12.2020 15:05

To give him resteem and keep track of him @xpilar

08.12.2020 15:17

Thank you @sacra97

08.12.2020 15:38


08.12.2020 15:59




吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


08.12.2020 15:59

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08.12.2020 16:33

Thank you @nutbox.mine

08.12.2020 16:56

How to schedule post on

14.12.2020 07:07

You think you can have a finished post that you want to put time on when it is to be posted, that part is no longer there

18.12.2020 03:41

Looks like fun. I'm a little confused by something though. For example, next week's bet for KC vs Buffalo (NFL) says "Home 2.3 Away 1.65" What does this mean?

19.01.2021 04:46

i wondered that as well. IT can't be a ratio for a straight bet because then you could just bet 100 steem on both teams and no matter what happens you come out on top. I too would like an answer to this.

20.01.2021 07:45

Home is for home victory oh Avay is away win

22.01.2021 02:52

need better definition about what the terms mean on the main page bro. I would bet there too but for me it just doesn't make sense.

21.01.2021 13:59

He @gooddream
you can tell what does not make sense

22.01.2021 02:43

I'm sorry if that sounded like I am being mean, that is not how i meant it.

I would like to bet on American Football but when it says Home: 2.65 and away 1.65 does this mean that if i bet 1 steam on home that if I bet on away and am correct I will be paid back 1.65 Steam?

22.01.2021 04:31

i'm trying to use this to bet on the super bowl but it isn't working

07.02.2021 12:16