Congrate ! Team challengedac for upcoming new version

I'm very excited for upcoming challengedac new version will coming in few week.

I'm happy to see some exciting feature of the upcoming version 5. I'm eagerly wait for this vesion.

Thanks to challange team to celebrate this new vesion by free upvote and free 5000 CHL token.

For more details visit given link

Link :

The new feature of the upcoming version very interesting. The main new feature upcoming vesion

First one

• STEEMP will be add in new version .

  • so, it will more interesting for steemit user. we able to hold steem in this app and will be transfer anywhere .

Second one

• Email sign-up will be add in the new vesion
-that's great . then it will be possible to sign-up easily. reomve the baarier of new sign up. More people ,more fun!

Final one

•Most exciting feature is bonus wheel
-this will encourage us to create more challenge for get a bonus wheel.

I appreciate the challengedac app team for upcoming new featurefull and exciting new vesion.

My user name in challengedac is :


Hope i will get some token .


For more information visit now

Official website:

Download the app now challengedac app.

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Thanks for supporting the @challengedac App! It is indeed good news that STEEMP will be added to our App in this upcoming version. Do you have an eos account?

13.03.2020 22:16

Yes! I have one.

A/C: alauddinsee1

14.03.2020 03:20