Hanging On By A Thread To Sanity

So I get into town and think why not head up to Nairobi University and grab a bite, it’s been a long time since I have had a good cheap meal in town and the food there is always fresh. I pass by Mombasa road at the university round about and while I wait I hear on the police radio that university students are striking along Makerere road. Being a born Nairobian I ignore the warning from the officer who asks “mmekuja shule kusoma ama kugoma” translation “have you come to school to read or to go on strike?”

I procced on my walk only to make a turn a turn and find a burning road, police cars, sirens and people still walking toward the fire? Keep in mind that with the day I have had today of tear gas , hawkers and city council askaris, I just make a quick turn and head back the way I came saying this is just too much.
I have no idea why university students are on strike. The rumor mill around was that it had to do with the governor of Nairobi Mike “Sonko” hiking parking rates around town but let’s be realistic, University student are not a the majority of Vehicle owners in this city. So is it political or was I just misinformed as a majority of us are? I walk away and say to myself I will Google it later as hungers pangs are killing. I doubt I will if it won’t be on the news but I will let twitter and web apps like Tuko and Daily Nation feed me the news tomorrow morning.

So as I walk back I am thinking what was I going there to do? I have not stepped foot in that Campus for over 6 years so why this day and this particular time? I remember I hated that food and half the time though I was eating something I shouldn’t. (You all know of dead rats, cats, dogs, frogs and donkey meat)
So as usual I head to my usual joint, this fancy places that sell food at an affordable markup but not Java and CJ prices and sit down to order a meal. The news briefs comes on and Ohh My Its Sonko but he has been arrested. Nobody really cares about parking fees unless you own a car and even then with the fuel prices in this town we think they can afford it.
Kenyan Politics what a dirty game that has been, toying with people’s lives, livelihood and Property. I go to bed today praying that change may come but I know down deep in my mind tomorrow and for the next generation to come it will be business as usual. I really don’t think God will blame me for lack of faith on this matter, may our hearts not turn to stone.
sonko arrested.jpg

A picture of out governer after being manhandled by the arresting officers.

Billionare in Rags

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