Steem2dworld 2.0 Recruitment Contest//submitted by @xkool24

Firstly, I want to appreciate the sponsors (professor @gbenga and @steemalive) for putting up steem2dworld initiative which do has seen an influx of newbies into the steemit Community.There's no better incentive for those who has decided to play a role and take part in this recruiting exercise than we is currently done. This is the way to go, and I believe the resultant effect of this is not far fetched, some many of the platforms are already migrating to the telegram platforms from whatsapp due to space related issue. Thanks to @focusnow for anchoring this through.


Basically , as a public servant, my direct constituency is my colleagues and walk-in customer. Face to face direct talks and letting all involved to know about the profit story was one of the key penetrating tool used. As humans, we want to see it work for someone first to be sure before coming in to give it a trial. So, using mine as an example worked.

On the other hand, referals were made. This is another powerful tool used which I will be harnessing more in future. It's multiplicity effect is one that spreads like wild fire. Some of the recruits too came via this means.







*Moore updazoigwe)

6.@ifytill come in before the announcement if available*.

This task was indeed a successful one for me, given to add-ons it brought in to the community. So many of the recruits are already blogging and enjoying themselves freely with their articles, socializing and making new friends in the community.

Thank you once again @gbenga, @focusnow and @steemalive for this drive.

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