The beautiful Changshou Lake in Chongqing

The city of Chongqing to Changshou Lake Scenic Area is about 75 kilometers, which can be used for the same day. It is especially suitable for self-driving tour around Chongqing in the weekend. Changshou Lake Scenic Area is located in Changshou District of Chongqing City. It covers an area of 245 square kilometers and has a water area of 65.5 square kilometers. The lake area is “Y”-shaped and scattered, and 203 islands in the lake area are dotted. The scenic spot is 190 kilometers from Wanzhou and 70 kilometers from Fuling.

Changshou Lake is not only a water park for self-driving tour around Chongqing, but also the only theme park in China that interprets “Shou Culture”. There are more than 100 “Shou” characters in Changshou Lake Baishou Garden.

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It's a great landscape to stare at... I could be there for days just contemplating the beauty of the surroundings 😊

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