The scale of cryptocurrency asset management of Boston Blockchain Management Fund is about to exceed $200 million


According to CrowdfundInsider, the Boston Blockchain Management Fund (Colorado State Council) has a cryptocurrency asset management scale of US$199 million, which is about to exceed US$200 million.

   On February 9, 2021 Eastern time, the BBF crypto index fund managed by the Boston Blockchain Management Fund in the United States was successfully listed on the U.S. stock market.

The Boston Blockchain Management Fund of the United States was established on June 25, 2018. It is a company seeking to track the trend of the cryptocurrency market and using computer technology to select a variety of "high probabilities" that can bring excess returns from huge historical data. Event, in order to formulate a trading strategy, the goal is to obtain a sustained and stable return fund with higher than average returns. As of February 19, 2021, the fund's asset management scale was US$199 million and the secondary market transaction volume reached US$57 million.


The BBF Crypto Index Fund holds a total of 10 cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DOT, LINK, ADA, XLM, EOS, XTZ, etc. The holding weights are 74.4%, 13.1%, 6.2%, 1.3%, 1.2%, respectively , 1.0%, 1.0%, 0.8%, 0.6%, 0.4%.

   BBF Encrypted Index Fund adopts the method of cross-market circulation transfer, that is, the issuance market and circulation transfer are respectively in the encrypted currency market and the U.S. stock market, and then superimposed on the operation mode of non-open redemption and allow Bitcoin physical investment. In this mode of operation, when the lock-up period for fund shares expires, the selling pressure in the cryptocurrency market will be transferred to the U.S. stock market. Due to the large deviation of the price from the net value, the phenomenon of borrowing arbitrage often occurs. Due to the existence of loan arbitrage, there is pressure to return funds after the share expires. If the capital is invested in Bitcoin in kind, the funds obtained after selling the share in the U.S. stock market can be brought back to the cryptocurrency market, which constitutes an upward move to buy cryptocurrency Power, thus forming a perfect closed loop.

  In recent years, the trend of investment in the cryptocurrency market has become more obvious, and more and more asset fund management companies have launched passive index fund products based on market indexes. Index funds have been practiced in the traditional financial field for decades, and have a strong theoretical foundation and excellent practical results, which provide a good reference for the practice of indexed investment in the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency market is a highly competitive, highly transparent, and liquid market. In the long run, its market pricing efficiency will become stronger and stronger.

   In the global and digital business, the Boston Blockchain Management Fund BBF also continues to innovate for customer satisfaction, break through the traditional financial model, dare to innovate, and create new opportunities for investors around the world.

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