The diary game season-3 Take you into the real Siquijor of the Philippines

The mysterious witch doctor legend, the jelly-colored clear water, the pink sunset sky, the indulgent leap of the ten-meter platform and the difficult trek of the uninhabited cave... all these leisure, surprises and mysteries can be found in Siquijor. And if you are tired of the noisy city and the crowds of tourists in popular attractions, you can break away from the world, wandering relaxedly, and take a leisurely vacation here.

MACAPILAY CHURCH (St. Francis Church)

Siquijor is the third smallest island province in the Philippines, located to the south of Cebu City and Bohol. The whole island is more than 80 kilometers around the island and has a population of about 70,000 people. So far, you can ask about the stories of witchcraft and rituals in the mountains on the island, and you can also follow the locals to enjoy the glorious scenery of fireflies and stars. The island is scattered with beaches, waterfalls, caves, monasteries, mangroves and other attractions. Cycling around the island, diving by the sea, and a mango shake listening to music are all your best choices.

Fun Siquijor

  1. Roundabout Line

The most classic way to play is to play around the island. This route is covered by the island road, which is the most comfortable and convenient.
According to the route, you will pass through the following scenic spots one after another when traveling around the island:
San Juan Square (Capilay Spring Park)-Centennial Banyan Tree and Little Fish SPA (Old Enchanted Balite Tree)-Lazi Monastery (ST Isidore Church)-Cambugahay Falls (Cambugahay Falls)-Salatong Beach (Salagdoong Beach)-mangrove/tree house.
It takes 5-6 hours to visit all the attractions (including lunch time).
Among them, the following three attractions are recommended:

  1. Lazi Monastery

ST ISIDORE CHURCH (Lazi Monastery)

Lazi Monastery is the largest monastery in Asia. It was built in 1891. It is mainly composed of coral stone and logs. It has now been converted into a church school.
Although this wood and stone building with red roof and white walls does not have finely carved and glass windows, it has a natural whitewashed ancient clumsy, wood and stone texture and historical mystery. In the presence of rare tourists and students, you can get rare moments of meditation.

Cost: Free

  1. Cambugahay Falls


Cambugara Falls is a natural hot spring. It is composed of cascading small waterfalls, with a total of three layers, surrounded by a few trees, forming a warm and pleasant scenery.
Going down the cobblestone trail on the side of the road, you will see a blue pool with a milky white halo, where the hot springs are the best choice for women to warm their skin. However, the best way to play Cambugahay Falls is tree vine diving. After the locals give you a tree vine to lift and drop it, it is the best time to have a concave shape in the sky before falling into the water.

Cost: Free for attractions, parking 20p/car, diving 50p/person, unlimited times.
A local guide will charge a fee to look after the clothes and lead the way;
There are lifeguards for diving, so you can try it if you don’t know how to dive. The water depth is about 2~3 meters;
The changing place is a shack built by the locals, which is relatively simple;
Please prepare the change, the locals may not have enough money to make up.

  1. Salatong Beach


The most recommended spots for traveling around the island, the white sandy beaches and the most jelly-colored waters are displayed here. This is the best choice for taking pictures. In addition, it is also a great place for snorkeling and cliff diving.
There are two cliff diving platforms, 7 meters and 10 meters. Although there are many tourists, the diving is not crowded due to its dizzying height. The moment you dive, you will feel a sense of freshness and excitement that is completely different from that of the tree vine diving. It is a good place to experience.

Cost: 25p/person.
You can jump if you don't know how to swim, but you have to call the lifeguard to let him notice. To ensure safety, you can also wear a life jacket.

  1. Extra recommendation: sunset/firefly

After going around the island, I believe most people still have plenty of time to spend dusk and night. Then, if the weather is clear, you can still feel the pink halo of the sunset and the dense fireflies.
As long as you dine or live near San Juan Beach, you can see the dazzling sunset view.
For the observation of fireflies, you need to ask the locals. Generally, there are dense fireflies in the bushes in the northeast corner of the island. In the silence, the starry sky and the fireflies are not distinguished from each other, it is a beautiful scenery that can be remembered for a lifetime.
Tips: The observation of fireflies is not included in the local attractions. The surrounding terrain is relatively primitive, and it is best to be accompanied by a guide.

  1. Intra-Island Line

The routes on the island are very niche attractions. If you have enough time and want to try some adventure activities, the pristine and almost unmanned island itinerary is excellent.
There are not many attractions on the island, but because of the long journey, it takes half a day.

  1. Cave exploration

CANTABON CAVE (Cave Adventure)

If you like primitive explorations and novel experiences, Cantabon Cave is perfect for you.
Equipped with a safety helmet and searchlight, entering from a narrow opening is a cave expedition with almost no guardrails and lights. You need to use both hands and feet to climb, wading through the waist-deep pool from time to time, and use searchlights to observe the unknown in the dark... But you can also encounter strange stones that suddenly come into your eyes, taste the sweet spring water, and observe strange exotic fishes. , Feel the wild adventure that has never been done before.
If you love novels like "Journey to the Center of the Earth", please don't miss this rare adventure cave. Whether it is a dark environment or a climbing geography, it is a rare surprise.


Cost: 500p/3 people, each additional person adds 100p
The stones in the cave are quite rugged, so it is best to wear tele-moving shoes to go;
There are few tourists here, and it is almost difficult to meet fellow travelers, so you need to go with your guide at the ticket office;
Backpacks can be stored.

  1. Climb to the top and overlook

There is a nice viewing platform near Cantabon Cave, where the vegetation is luxuriant and it requires manpower to climb up the mountain.
There are many small colorful sculptures of the Virgin Mary on both sides of the road. The place where three huge crosses stand is the place to climb to the top.

Traffic Overview

  1. Off-island transportation

There is no direct plane to Siquijor, so you need to take a boat to get there.
It is recommended to take oceanjet, which is the most convenient and fast. Oceanjet is divided into upper and lower floors, with no air conditioning on the upper floor.
The tourist route is the most convenient to depart from Dumaguete City or Bohol. The one-way journey takes about 1 to 2 hours. The overall itinerary can be planned as Dumaguete-Siquijor-Mint (or reverse).

Vessel information is subject to change at any time, you need to inquire about the current season's vessel
Please pay attention to the difference between boat and ship when you ask locals to take a boat. Ship is another kind of smaller boat that is more bumpy;
There are two piers in Siquijor Pier and Larena, pay attention to the difference.

  1. Transportation on the island

There are generally several ways to rent motorcycles, tutu cars and vehicles for playing on the island:

  1. For motorcycles 300~350p/24 hours, you also need to purchase roadside cola bottled oil for supplement, 50~60p a bottle. However, there may be a risk of injury when riding a motorcycle, and mountain trails need to be carefully considered and a driver’s license is required;
  2. Tutu car 800~1000p/day, the price will change according to the route change, it can be used for 4 people, but it is recommended to take 2~3 people. No air conditioning, may endure long-term sunlight
  3. Rent a car 2000~3000p/day, the most comfortable.

Accommodation Introduction

The development time of Siquijor is relatively short. There is no network coverage in some places on the island, and there are not many restaurants and accommodations. It is best to book in advance.

  1. Coco Grove-the best cost performance

The room is clean, the environment is comfortable, and the transportation is convenient. The hotel is equipped with a variety of entertainment facilities, such as snorkeling, diving, massage... In addition, it also has a swimming pool, BBQ, live performances and other vacation enjoyment. The relaxing and comfortable environment is the best choice for taking the family.

  1. San Juan's house-a comfortable personal experience


For Airbnb accommodation options, San Juan’s house is a perfect fit. A total of 4 independent small houses, 2 floors, can accommodate 5 people. The rooms are built around a small garden, and there is a nice sea view at the end of all the houses, and you can observe a superb sunset view. In front of the room is the Baha Bar music restaurant run by the host, fresh and delicious food, even if you are not staying at the back, it is worth a visit, especially recommended pineapple roast pork. There will be music performances at night, and business will last until 11 pm. Depending on the week, there will be local performances and BBQ dinners.

The property is 800 meters away from San Juan Town. After the BAHA BAR restaurant, after showing the corresponding house pictures to the local driver, most of them can be accurately found


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