The diary game season 3, Senin 19 Januari 2021 Luang Prabang, Vientiane Food

  1. Mekong BBQ Buffet Hot Pot

60,000 per capita unlimited time limit, I give full marks! Especially the barbecue sauce that comes with it is really great! The Korean eldest brother and sister at the table next door simply opened the barbecue with perfect skills~ It is highly recommended to go high with a bottle of beer. The pork belly barbecue can only be done manually!


  1. Joys

This is a complete surprise, an encounter in a small alley. Although there was no one inside, it was too hot outside, so I went in and rested. Every dish is worth recommending!

Remember to close on Sunday, SUNDAY CLOSE.

Recommendations: yellow curry, Pad Thai, mango smoothie, mango sticky rice (completely different from Thailand), spring rolls (you have to eat the last one if you are so delicious)


  1. Zurich Bread

As a person who doesn't love bread at all, he turned his head back because of bread. One can imagine how delicious it is.
And this shop can eat dinner. There are pizza, spaghetti, and the environment is very comfortable. The air conditioner inside is super cool outside, and it is also very enjoyable to spend time looking out the window with a cup of cold coffee.

Recommendation: black truffle spaghetti, various breads



  1. Azerai Bistro

This is a western restaurant found at the entrance of the night market. Only when I entered it I realized that it was the restaurant of the hotel. It is fine dinning, but the price is really not expensive. Although there is a 10% service charge and 10% tax.
And there is a hidden menu, just ask the waiter what he wants to eat. Their recommendations are very reliable and delicious. You can choose US dollars or Lao dollars at checkout. US dollars are more cost-effective~

Recommendation: all kinds of cocktails are delicious


Looking down on the food in Vientiane:

  1. Chokdee

The restaurant opened by the Belgian, the food is average, the beer is 99 points, give full marks to fear that he is proud hahahaha. There are more than 100 kinds of beer that I really won't pick, and there are special beers every day. I tried a few of them.

Recommendation: Mussels and French fries, beer


  1. Fuji

The stuff is not bad, it is considered authentic Japanese food, but the attitude is not good and the price is quite expensive. If you want to eat Japanese food, you can go there, but...not recommended, I am a poor boy~

  1. Uncle Dang Kitchen

Imitation ~ Honeymoon dessert shop.

Mango black glutinous rice praise! ! The mango base is not as sweet as syrup, the mango flavor is superb for 20,000 copies.

  1. Day2Night

It has the potential of an online celebrity store, and the photos are super beautiful. And the shop itself is decorated very chic, Vietnamese dishes.

In the afternoon tea, the Korean big buddies next to each other drank beer and sighed at the air conditioner. And I praise the service attitude of serving young lady and younger brother.

Recommendations: various sodas, Vietnamese wontons, shrimp spring rolls, Vietnamese rice noodles


  1. Kualao Restaurant

This restaurant is said to be a variety of state banquet restaurants for state guests in Laos. Near the Presidential Palace, normal people would go for dinner because there was a free show, but we just passed by the only restaurant because we were too hungry for lunch.

Probably it is really authentic Lao cuisine, it can only mean that you try it once and then there is no more. It's not bad, but as a Guangzhou native, I might be too picky. There are really no special surprises.


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