The Diary Game Season 3,Eat, drink and have fun in Vang Vieng, here are detailed items and prices


Let's talk about traffic first

mini bus (from Vientiane to Wanrong) (approximately 4 hours): 60,000KIP (approximately RMB 48)/person
There are two types of buses to Vang Vieng, one is VIP bus and the other is mini bus. The former is a bus, which is more comfortable, and the price is slightly higher than the latter. You need to go to the passenger terminal and the terminal is the passenger terminal of Vang Vieng. ; The latter is a van, which can be taken directly in front of the hotel, and the end point is the city center of Vang Vieng, which is more convenient.
Personal suggestion is to take the mini bus. Although the model is small, it is convenient and fast. Our ticket is booked at the Youth Hostel, there are two buses a day, at 9:30 in the morning and 1:30 in the afternoon.


mini bus (Lang Prabang to Vang Vieng) (3-5 hours): 110,000KIP (about 88 yuan)/person
Lao drivers are really casual. There are two roads from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng, a new road and an old road. The new road only takes 3 hours, but the road conditions are not very good (when we went from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang, we took the new road, the driver kept on the brakes all the way, almost didn’t make me vomit); the old road needed 5 Hours, but the scenery along the way is very good. It is up to the driver to decide whether to take the old road or the new road. Even the car ticket office cannot give a specific time and route, which is very frustrating.

On this trip back to Vang Vieng, the driver took us on the old road. Although it took a long time, it was worth seeing such beautiful scenery along the way.


sleeping bus (Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang) (5 hours): 120,000KIP (about 96 yuan)/person
The night train runs at ten, eleven, and twelve. It only takes the old road and takes 5 hours, so it is early in the morning to reach Luang Prabang. The night bus needs to go to Vang Vieng Station, but there will be tutu buses to the designated location to transport passengers to the station. The end of the night bus is also the station in Luang Prabang. The night bus in Laos is not the same as in the country. Although it is also a bunk bed, it is a bed for two people. Each bed has two pillows and two quilts. If you sleep with a stranger, it is a bit embarrassing.

Play in Vang Vieng, eat in Vang Vieng

Dinner (Wanrong Restaurant): 100,000KIP (about 80 yuan) / two persons
After drinking the legendary shake, the taste is not bad, it feels like fresh fruit and ice mashed. The soup in Laos is not the same as ours, it is thick, like porridge, with a baguette, it feels more like breakfast, the boss may think that we are sick, and the soup is eaten at night. .


Blue Lagoon-Tempukan Cave
Motorcycle rental: 90,000KIP (about 72 yuan) per day
There are three ways to go to the Blue Lagoon. One is to rent a motorcycle. The motorcycles here are refueled. Some shops have already filled up the gas and included the gas in the rental fee, and some shops need to refuel by themselves. ; The second is to rent a kart, which is charged by the hour, which is slightly higher, and there are more stones on the road, which does not feel very convenient; the third is to take a tutu car.

Vang Vieng is worthy of being the "Little Guilin" of Laos, and the scenery along the way is truly beautiful. The homestay we stayed in was on the way to the Blue Lagoon, so we started from the homestay and rode for 20 minutes to the Blue Lagoon. From the city to the Blue Lagoon is only 7 or 8 kilometers.

Blue Lagoon tickets: 10,000KIP (approximately 8 yuan)/person
Rental life jacket: 1,000KIP (about 0.8 yuan)/person
The Blue Lagoon is really a great place, the five-meter platform, ten-meter platform, water swing, lawn sunbathing... It is completely possible to play for an afternoon, so this place is not recommended to play with a group, otherwise you will only have a lot of The play time is short and there are too many people. It is best to set aside an afternoon to play by yourself. It will pass at noon. Before the tour group members have arrived, you can enjoy yourself without having to line up for a long time.

Remarks: There is a place to change swimsuits in the blue lagoon.

Tham Phu Kham Cave: Free
Headlight: 10,000KIP (about 8 yuan) / each
The Tampukan cave is in the Blue Lagoon scenic area. It is necessary to climb a high staircase. The depth of the cave is quite dark. It is okay to use a mobile phone to illuminate it. The headlight is more convenient and can free your hands. It feels like there is no special scenery inside, there is a statue of Buddha, and the rest is stone except stone. Because I was wearing slippers, it was very inconvenient to move, so I ended up walking barefoot in it.

My friend wanted to drink soup, but Laotian soup is like porridge, so I can only order an extra noodle as a vegetable soup. The boss may think these girls are very good to eat. Dinner: 65,000KIP (about 52 yuan) / two persons

Zipline-cave rafting-elephant cave-kayaking rafting-Sukura bar-VIVA bar

One-day tour group fee: 120,000KIP (about 96 yuan)/person
Zipline: 120,000KIP (approximately RMB 96)/person
A day trip to Laos is very cost-effective. You can customize it according to the project you want to play. The tour guides have a strong sense of service. They not only pick up people one by one at the gate of the hostel, but also pack a lunch. The team we reported included cave rafting, kayaking rafting, and elephant cave visits. We reported the name in our own youth hostel and gave the discount, but because the front desk did not understand what we meant, and missed the zipline, we could only make up for the cost of the zipline on the spot.

Karst cave rafting is to use tires to drift into a very dark cave. The innermost part of the cave contains many stones similar to Tibetan Mani piles. Because of the large number, it is still quite spectacular.
The elephant cave is not big, there is only a Buddha statue and an elephant sculpture. It is said that this elephant sculpture is not artificially carved, but formed naturally.

The zip line, the staff will interact with you, making your entire trip more thrilling.

Each kayak can sit two to three people, and each boat needs to have a boy. Originally, we chose the little first classmate (a group member for a day trip), but none of us have played this before. If he couldn't know his direction, he would either spin around on the spot, or rush directly to the shore. In the end, he made himself more difficult, and he went up against the current and separated from the big army. In the end, the team leader really couldn't stand it, so he directly replaced the little head classmate and went to the battle to take the helm for us.
After that, our boat was opened and hung up, and we went forward courageously. Both of us didn't have to do it, as long as we were responsible for enjoying the beautiful scenery. The kayak tour takes about 1-2 hours. It is strongly recommended that this project hug the thighs of the team leader and ask the team leader to be on the same boat, otherwise it will be easy to overturn the boat halfway or eventually become a dog.

Dinner: 114,000KIP (about 91.2 yuan) / four people
Sukara Bar: Free
The Sukara Bar is only open until 12 o'clock every night, and then the large group will move to the VIVA Bar. Both bars will provide foreigners with a glass or bottle of free beer every night

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