The Diary Game Season 3,Comprehensive strategy of Bohol

Transportation to Bohol


There are two ways to get to Mint. One is to fly to Manila within the country, and then transfer from Manila to Tagbilaran. It will be the most convenient way to take a taxi for one hour. The second way is to fly directly to Cebu. Then take a taxi from Cebu Airport to the pier, and then take another one-hour boat ride to Tagbilaran Pier, and then take a taxi for one hour to Alona Beach. This method is more complicated and the advantage is that the price is cheaper;

The first method is better to book air tickets, because there are many places in China that can fly to Manila, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, many, and then there are many flights a day from Manila to Tagbilaran; if you want to fly overnight There are fewer services. It seems that Shenzhen has it in China, and then it is Hong Kong.

  1. What's the food in Bohol?

Arona Beach BBQ

ALONA Beach in Bohol Island is full of food stalls at night, all kinds of barbecue, most of them are not good, only mango SHAKE is good.
However, there is a Chinese restaurant on the small road from Sancha Road to the beach. It tastes good. Although it is more expensive, it is still very touched by the Chinese taste. In addition, the ISIS Thai restaurant recommended by everyone is also ok. Recommend that copy powder.
Later, we simply ate a buffet at SEA BREEZE by the beach of Hannah Hotel. It only costs 750P per person to live in the hotel. If you are not staying in the hotel, it will cost you 100P. Four-year-olds are free. The dishes inside are not bad. Rich, it's okay to have a meal.

  1. Is the transportation in Bohol easy?

Local transportation in the Philippines includes taxis, TUTUs and jeepneys.
The taxi is convenient and fast, and the price is okay. It’s just that Manila taxis have a tradition of pitting people; TUTU is economical and is necessary for short distances; Jeepney is the bus there. No matter where you get on the bus, it is 25P, but the route is fixed, if not Locals, it is difficult for you to judge whether this car can reach the destination you need. There is a jeepney from ICM mall in Tagbilaran to Alona Beach, which is the most economical.
TUTU cars can be negotiated on the price, boldly cut it, anyway, generally cut half and sometimes lose money. If you take TUTU, it is 300P from the airport or terminal to Alona Beach, and the taxi price is 500P; Alona Beach to the Bee Farm and nearby attractions, such as Dumaron Beach, ranging from 100-150P, 100P generally They are all returning cars, anyway, if you go back with an empty car, you can get a cheap ride by the way.

  1. The main attractions and how to play in Bohol

Bohol is actually a big island with its own airport and pier, but the main attractions are concentrated in the south of Panglao Island (PANGLAO), so when many people hear how Bohol comes to Panglao Island, it’s easy to get confused. In fact, It's the same thing. There is a bridge between the two islands, so it's not a problem to think of it as one island.

(1) One day trip on land

Chocolate hill


It is mainly chartered or carpooling. If there are few people, carpooling costs 600P per person. If chartered, the car is 1800P for 4 people and 2100P for 9 people in the big car.
The classic way to play is: Tarsier---Snake Garden--Chocolate Mountain--Butterfly Garden---Luobo River (bring a lunch). The order can be adjusted according to the time. If you are a chartered attraction If you decide, these spots are basically on the same road.
If you need to go to Tagbilaran City or the like, you may have to add money.

(2) One day trip to island hopping

You can take a group or charter a boat. The group is basically 250-300P per person, without snorkeling equipment. We asked 3000P for the chartered boat this time. The main route is to set off at 6 o'clock to see dolphins --- Balicasag Island snorkeling ----Virgin Island----Eating sea urchins, basically you can return to Alona Beach at 1pm. Snorkeling on Balicasag Island requires an additional fee, 250P for one point and 450P for two points, mainly large For faults and watching sea turtles, there is a food stall selling sea urchins and abalone next to the Virgin Island. The price can be cut, about 15P a sea urchin and abalone.

(3) Pamilacan Island (PAMILACAN)

The island is one hour away from Alona Beach by boat. It can only be accessed by charter. There are few people. The charter fee is 3000P. Snorkeling on the island requires an additional fee, 250P for one point and 450P for two points. Snorkeling is mainly Look at the corals. The corals here are better than the Bali Casa, but there are not as many fish as there. The beach scenery of the island is more beautiful. It is recommended to play.

(4) Bee Farm (BEE FARM)

Bee farm

A bee-keeping farm, famous for its delicious ice cream, most people like to come here for lunch or dinner. By the way, there is no ticket, just call a TUTU, which is very convenient.

(5) Dumaron Beach

This beach is a bit away from Alona, ​​and in the same direction as the Bee Farm. The beach is very large and flat. The scenery is much better than Alona Beach. There are two hotels, BBC and PALM. It is not possible to enter from the hotel, but you can go from the side Go into the village, the ticket is 25P per person. Although you can't enter the hotel, the beach is public, so you can stroll around. If you want to eat in the hotel, it's no problem.

(6) Alona Beach

The beach itself is average, but here are concentrated most of the hotels and restaurants, which are very popular. It is recommended that everyone try to book here to live nearby, which will be much more convenient.

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