The Diary Game Season 3,2020,11,20Bangkok, Thailand


The main traffic in Bangkok is the BTS, subway and bus, as well as taxis, buses, TukTuk and motorcycles on the road. Let’s say separately, first of all
---Taxi, TukTuk and Motorcycle: Why put these three together, because they have a common feature that the price depends on the mouth and conscience. There is no uniform standard, and for people with poor language skills, Bangkok often charges tourists a lot, or getting on and off the bus is not the same price. Therefore, it is not bad to choose carefully depending on personal ability, but the proportion of bad is still relatively large. If you are unlucky, it will affect your mood throughout the day and lose money like eating flies. So this trip did not choose these three, the full name is to avoid. If you have good language skills and are confident that you can communicate, you can try. After all, traffic jams in Bangkok are serious. If you ride a tuk-tuk or motorcycle, you can avoid the trouble of traffic jams. Look at the driver and take you to your destination.
---Bus: Separate the road traffic bus, because it is a mode of transportation worth trying. In the early stage of the strategy, buses are not recommended in many travel notes. The reason is that Thai numbers do not use Arabic numerals, but Thai numbers are used. Basically, you can't see the difference from other Thai tadpoles, and it is easy to take the wrong bus. , Or sit and stand. But when I went to Thailand, I found that there are many bus stops with English signs, and according to the previous strategy, everyone is unanimously praised for the enthusiasm of the conductor on the bus, so if you have free time, it is good to experience it. Next time I go to Thailand, I will try to take a bus. A friendly reminder: Bangkok is a famously blocked city in the world. You have to take the bus during peak hours.....Be mentally prepared.
---BTS, subway: In fact, these two also have buses. These three are great, because there is a unified price standard, as much as you want, and you are not afraid of being slaughtered. Come,

The blue line in the map is the MRT line, which is the subway. The other three are BTS. The thick purple line and the thin line next to it are both Airport Express lines, which are operated by a single company that is responsible for operating between Suvarnabhumi Airport and the city; the thick line is the City line, which is There are many stops and they are cheap. The thin line is the express line, and the few stops are also expensive. The two BTS lines in light green and dark green are in the urban area, and these two lines are operated by another company; the light green is [Sukhumvit Line], the dark green is [Silong Line], and the intersection of the two lines is in Siam Luochang Station, you can transfer directly without leaving the station.
If the Airport Express is not in a hurry, just take the City line. It costs 45 baht to the last stop of Phaya Thai, which is very cheap. Nothing to say, the next thing is to talk about the two BTS lines in the urban area. These two lines can basically cover most of the new urban areas. In the case of the subway, the number of rides is really not this time. Many, mainly BTS. Then there is no need to buy a bus card for the subway, and there are not many people. You can buy it directly at the ticket machine with cash. However, in the case of BTS, there are always a lot of people in line at some big stations, and if you buy with cash, few stations will have ticket vending machines to collect banknotes. Not enough coins are also a trouble. So I bought a rabbit card (stored value card) in order to save time. It should be a deposit of 50 baht and a card fee of 50 baht. I did not refund the card. Some travellers said that the 100 baht is not refundable, and I am not sure. Of course, BTS also has a one-day ticket, but it is not cost-effective to take a few rides a day, so consider it yourself.

There are two types of bus boats, not to mention sightseeing boats, the blue line on the far left, the fixed fare unlimited number of trips, 150 baht, the ticket is bought in advance before boarding, for us Not cost-effective. The other is the transportation boat. The orange, yellow, green, and gray boats are all transportation boats, but for us, the difference is not very big because all the scenic spots you want to go to are included. The difference is the fare, the fare is roughly as follows, there may be minor differences.
Gray local line (without flag): From S3 terminal to N33, the operating time is from Monday to Friday, 06.45-07.30, 16.00-16.30, and the cost is 8, 10, and 12 baht.
   Orange flag boat: From S3 terminal to N30, the operating time is 6:00-19:00 every day, and the unified price is 15 baht.
   Green flag boat: From the Central Wharf to N33, the operating hours are Monday to Friday, 06:10-08:10 and 16:06-18:05, and the cost is 10, 12, 19, 31 baht four gears.
   Yellow flag boat: Central Wharf to N30, operation time is from Monday to Friday, 06:15 – 08:20 and 16:00-20:00, the cost is 19 and 29 baht.
This time I only took the orange, because the flat fare 15 is not expensive, second only to the gray line that the locals take. The point is easy to recognize. The gray line does not have any flags. Sometimes there are boats packaged by local tour groups or hotel shuttle boats at the pier. I am afraid of getting on the wrong boat, so I chose the orange boat. It is not easy to admit mistakes and the fare is cheap. .
Remind you that no matter where you go to the terminal, you will see the ticket office, or if you ask someone, he will also let you buy tickets, but do not buy tickets in advance, do not buy tickets in advance, do not buy tickets in advance. Those who buy tickets in advance are all sightseeing boats, and transportation boats buy tickets only after boarding the boat. Prepare the change in advance, and the conductor will come to you with the coin tube.
[Patong Beach⛱] in Phuket is the first beach to be developed. The tourism and catering industries are very mature, and there are many places for leisure shopping. It is the most prosperous and lively area in Phuket. No matter where you go, you can eat and eat. very convenient.
There are also [Karon Beach⛱] and [Kata Beach⛱]. There will be more foreigners. The water here is bluer than that in Patong, the sand is finer, and there is less pollution. If you want to be quieter, you can choose to live in these two The beach is not as bustling as Patong, there are not many shopping places, and the transportation is not as convenient as Patong.

These three are relatively convenient and well-known beaches.
Except for these three beaches, the others are all niche beaches.
[Kamala Beach]: It is close to Patong and is more popular. The water is shallow and reefs, and you can snorkel to the south.
[Surin Beach]: There are few people and not many commercial facilities. It was once rated as the most beautiful beach in Phuket by magazines.
[Mai Khao Beach]: Phuket’s longest beach, the most attractive place is its peculiar landscape "turtle laying eggs".
[Nai Yang Beach]: A part of the National Natural Park, mostly young people from Thailand.
[Nai Tong Beach]: A small beach used by fishermen to see the scene of Phuket before it was developed.
[Bang Tao Beach]: Most of the wealthy areas in Phuket are the Laguna Resort area, which consists of 7 large hotels. Staying in one of them can enjoy all the facilities of other hotels.
[Nai Harn Beach]: A deep bay surrounded by mountains, suitable for camping and various water sports.
[La Weihai Beach]: The seafood market is super fresh, but the price is not cheap. Remember to bargain. It is also suitable for deep and shallow seas or fishing.
If you want to go to the sea to live on other islands, it is also very good, such as the size of pp island, and emperor island.

I packed my things and checked out and then went to rent a car. There were a bit of people on the road and most of the restaurants passing by were relatively deserted. I looked at the menu at the door. The price was similar to the night market last night, but it was not cheap in RMB. Then I met a semi-outdoor restaurant with a large family of people, and the environment was not bad, so I sat down in this restaurant. His Thai food is very authentic, and he also has some Western food.wKgED1ud65qAGSpeAAaCUsoeFI882.jpeg

Looking at the menu, this one is quite affordable. At least I saw a double-digit price. I didn't order too much. I tried it first. Four people spent 380B. Looking back now, I want to laugh. A night market meal cost 490B for two people, and a lunch for four people cost 380B. Although I didn't have enough to eat, this house is really cheap. The seafood cooked in coconut milk also feels like tom yum soup, but it is not bad and the taste is wonderful. Seafood salad is my favorite, hot and sour. There are some shrimp, squid rings and shellfish. The quantity is not very large. I will order one every time I come. Pineapple fried rice is divided into chicken, pork, beef and seafood, and the price difference is 20B. I also ordered a fried shrimp with oyster sauce, which was also delicious. The drinks in his house are placed in a small silver bowl. It looks very delicate. The drinks are best with ice. If you don’t add ice, it will be too sweet. The ice will gradually fade. The milk tea is delicious. . I came to eat almost every day after that, and I didn't get any bad dishes.

💰Seafood cooked in coconut milk: 80B
💰Seafood Salad: 80B
💰Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice: 80B
💰Milk tea and milk slurry: 40B
💰 Fried shrimp with oyster sauce: 100B
💰It took a total of 380B, which is about 80 RMB

After lunch, take a stroll on the beach in Patong. There are many people and the sun is shining. Many foreigners wear bikinis to bask in the sun. There are also some locals who come to promote entertainment, parasols, motor boats, banana boats and so on. It was too hot to walk for a while, and we got into the car after visiting the small shops on the roadside. Going south, passing Karon Beach, Kata Beach, Karon Viewing Platform, and arriving at the Immortal Peninsula.

Passing by Karon Beach, there are not many people and the water is cleaner. I stopped for two or three hours to play. The sand is very fine and it is very comfortable to step on. In these days in Phuket, the sea is not very calm, and the waves in the rainy season will be bigger. The water reached the calf and did not dare to go deep. Because of the small number of people, there are only two places on the beach where you can play parachute, and there are no other projects. The parachute here is higher than Patong.

My boyfriend and I both played a parachute, 3000B for two people, and finally cut to 2800B. It is not a good bargaining. Moreover, the local people who accompanied me in the sky would ask for a 100B tip, and the co-author was still 3000. When playing the parachute, a staff member will accompany him. He sits on the parachute rope behind my shoulder to control the direction, and cannot reach me, and he does not have any safety measures. I wore a seat belt, from shoulder to thigh to waist. It was tied tightly. The staff said it was safe. I didn’t understand it at first. When I arrived in the sky, due to gravity, people fell down and the umbrella floated up. The seat belt will not be tightened, and then I realized that it is better to fasten it, if it is too loose, the person will fall.
When we set off, we were on the shore. The speedboat was pulling an umbrella, and the staff would instruct to follow it. After a few steps, we would fly. The principle is similar to flying a kite. When the speedboat took off with the parachute at the beginning, I was very nervous, and my heart raised my throat. When it reached a certain height, the tension disappeared. It is a magnificent new experience of being in the sky of tens of meters, soaring in the vast sky, overlooking the entire sea.


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